Thursday, May 3, 2012

Um, stuff.

Wow, I'm three days in and already having a hard time coming up with topics.

I have pretty much decided not to do Bloomsday this weekend. I feel like a chump, but that's just the way it goes sometimes. No one will probably judge me as harshly as I judge myself.

My new show is One Tree Hill. This show seems a little more down to earth than Gossip Girl, but it's also much older so the dated looks seem, well, dated. I like it though.

Two and a half weeks ago I had a roofer give me an estimate on a roof repair. They've yet to show up to actually do the job. Seriously! It's annoying. It might be time to offer to give someone else my money.

Anyone jumped on the Fifty Shades of Grey bandwagon? I admit it, I read the series and really liked it. Book 2 was by far the best! That genre is not my usual cuppa, but there is just something about that Christian Grey...

Well, I worked at home today and that was really nice.

I am posting from my iPad and I can't figure out how to underline text or use spellcheck so I apologize for any errors.

That is all.

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  1. I am at the end of Book 2. After the 1st one, I wasn't going to read anymore as it was a little "much" for me but the end left me needing to know what was going to happen. Book 2 is decent so I am sure I will end up reading all three.