Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year Approaching

I usually try not to make resolutions because they frequently fall by the wayside after about a week. But this year I definitely need to make some changes. Will these be resolutions? Regardless, the new year is approaching and there is no better time for a fresh start.

Tucker seems to not be worried about it.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's an update.

In a recent post I mentioned that I had rejoined Weight Watchers online.  I tried to stick with it, I really did.  But I didn't.  Two weeks ago tomorrow, I rejoined Weight Watchers meetings.  And I've stuck with it.  Tomorrow is my two week weigh in and I'm excited!!  I missed the first weigh in because I had to work, but I will not miss it tomorrow.

These last two weeks haven't been easy, but they haven't been difficult either, or at least as difficult as it had been prior to that.  I have been staying on program, counting points, and actually feeling satisfied.

I truly believe that avoiding sugar plays a key role in my success.  In the weeks leading up to November 2nd, I was eating a lot of sugar.  Candy bars and Starbucks scones and drinks was where it came from mainly.  Since November 2nd I have had very little in the way of sugar.  I haven't even been eating my beloved Chobani which has natural fruit sugar only.  I have been eating fresh fruit, but my cravings for all things bad for me has decreased significantly.  That's not to say I'm going to be cutting out sugar completely forever, but for right now until I get my head back on straight, I think it's best to avoid it.  I do believe that eating fruit is okay and other things that have some sugars occuring naturally, but I am avoiding added sugars as much as I can.

So what have I been eating?  Well, that's changed too.  I have switched from my usual an English muffin with peanut butter and banana to oatmeal with peanut butter and banana, or 2 hard boiled eggs.  I have been eating a lot of salad with chicken and sometimes a little cheese.  Eggs, string cheese, apples, clementines and healthy soups with lots of veggies: these are what's on the menu.

I have given myself a break on the exercise, a break from worrying about it at the moment.  But since things have been going well for a couple weeks, I need to think about adding some activity.  I'll get there.

So tomorrow, I will weigh in and will hopefully post an update on the weight loss front.  I'm sure that I will becauseI can feel the difference in my clothes.  In fact, I had to actually use a binder clip to keep my pants up by connecting them to my tank top when I walked over to the store at lunch!  Guess, it's time to bring out the belt.  I don't have any idea what the number will be, though, because I've put away my home scale for now.  No good comes of weighing each day right now so I'm avoiding that.

Anyway, if you've stuck with me through this journey, I am grateful.  I'm here to tell you that right now I'm feeling good.  My head feel clearer, the sadness is lifting, and I'm looking forward to the holidays.  February and March are very difficult months for me usually so I'm hoping to get into good routines before then so that feeling good physically will help me feel good mentally.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I couldn't do it!

I received a final email about my blog domain registration expiration and I just couldn't let it go!  So remains.  I cannot give up!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I did something stupid yesterday?

Yes, that's a question because I'm still not sure if it was smart or stupid.  I'm leaning towards stupid.

So, all last week, as I tried to eat less and count calories, I was thinking about Weight Watchers.  Yes, it has its faults, but overall it's a sound plan which has been there for me in the past.  It works if you work it (although I'm still not sure that's true for the PointsPlus plan) and it gives you accountability, even if you're only participating online.  I made a to-do list for the week and on it I included the item "Decide if you're joining WW or not!".  I thought about it a lot during the week and over the weekend.  By Sunday night I had pretty much decided, yes, I'm joining.  I had yesterday off and so one of the things I did in the morning was sign up for Weight Watchers Online.  I chose the 3-month savings plan for the low low price of $65.  I felt ready, I felt committed.  Here we go!

Long about 7:30 last night I was wondering WTH I was thinking!  Weight Watchers?  Really?  Again?  Been there, done that!  I celebrated this thought process by indulging in some honey roasted peanuts.  As with anything I have purchased or bought in my life, I assumed Weight Watchers would give me 3 days to really make up my mind or change my mind, as the case may be.  Right before bed, I sat down to cancel my membship and I couldn't see any other option than to do so at the end of the billing period.  Well, I just joined, I thought.  I can cancel and get a refund, it's been less than 12 hours for crying out loud!  So I sent off a pleasant email that I had changed my mind about membership so please cancel and issue a refund.

I was surprised to see that I had an email response from them already when I got up this morning.  I was also surprised by its contents.  It was quite lengthy, but the gist of it was: We'll be happy to cancel your account and keep your money. 

I am quite irritated by this!  Basically my membership can be cancelled at the end of the first prepaid month and out of my $65 payment, I will receive a refund of $16.10.  Yes, $16.10 out of $65!  What irritates me the most is myself, of course.  I read (skimmed) all the disclosures, but I felt like I was committed.  Then later when I felt less committed, I thought for sure I would have 3 days to cancel and get a refund.  When you buy a car, you have 3 days to change your mind!  When you join a gym, you have 3 days to cancel and get a refund.  But apparently, once you sign up for 3 months of WW Online, you're in for at least a month and $48.90!  I'm so stupid!  Aren't I?

I told my coworker my story this morning and she was like, well, I guess you have to use it!  And, she's right, I suppose.  I can't just let $50 go by the wayside.  And since I have until mid-November to cancel for the same amount of refund, I might as well just give it a go and try my hardest to lose some weight! But ugh, it's frustrating because I'm really not committed to using this plan anymore.  And now that they've irritated the heck out of me, I feel much less interested.  But it's my own fault so I must reap what I sow.  And if the consequence is weight loss, then so be it.  :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1,000 Days

I meant to post yesterday, but I'm a day late.  Yesterday was 1,000 days since I started this journey.  No, I haven't been counting, but when I logged my weight on my iPhone app, there it was: 

"Lost 27.0 lbs. in 1000 days"

What it didn't say was lost over 80 pounds and gained over 50 in 1000 days, but that's all I could think about.  1,000 days and I am a measly 27 pounds down from my starting weight.  It is better than being at my starting weight, and it's definitely better than being above my starting weight.  But it still sucks! 27 measly pounds!!!  When I was almost to 85!!!

Again, I sit here lamenting these facts, and I wonder to myself what good does it do?  Answer: none.  It never does any good to dwell on the things you cannot change.  I could have changed it, but I didn't, so now I cannot change it.  I have to accept it and move forward.

Yesterday, I had a good day.  I started the day planning to count calories, but ended up not logging everything.  As I've said before, I know what to eat.  I know exactly how much to eat.  Starting with breakfast and lunch, I tend to eat the same things day after day when I'm "dieting", but that works for me.  So I planned the meals and knew I was on track.  I admit, the evening almost took me down.  My son and husband were at soccer practice and when I got home, I wanted to EAT!  Instead, I made a salad and it tasted pretty good!

I've noticed lately that even foods I love don't taste good.  (Okay, Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins always taste good.)  Things like English muffins with peanut butter, Chobani yogurt, fruit....these things have just tasted blah lately.  I'm sure it's because I feel so incredibly gross. There's no other way to describe it.  I feel gross.  Yesterday, after not indulging in a bunch of junk food at the office all day, the salad for dinner tasted good.  And I know the healthy foods will only taste better if I continue my detox from sugar and junk food. 

"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels."  This needs to become my mantra, my motto, my mission statement.  It's one day at a time.  I'm not even focusing on exercise.  Right now, it's just an accomplishment to get through the day without binging on junk food.

But I still can't help remember that I thought I'd never be here again. :(

With all that said, I think I need a change to the blog name.  I've let the domain go, so now it's time to come up with something more fitting.  Perhaps I should go back to my original blog name "All About Me".

Friday, October 5, 2012

Custom Domain No More

I have removed the custom domain from this blog.  In fact, if you're subscribed using the custom domain address, you're probably not even seeing this.  I don't know where this blog is going, if anywhere, but I decided to let the registration of expire.  And I am okay with that.  Regardless of where I go with this is in the future, I don't want to lose the past posts just yet so I plan to keep this blog up for now.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Last Ditch Effort

Here I sit before you back in Twoterville.  200.8 lbs this morning.  Remember this post?  I certainly do. 

But I can't go back, I can only go forward so here I am laying it all out there AGAIN.  I have updated the badge on this blog to show pounds to goal instead of pounds lost.  That's the number I need to focus on.

I'm moving forward from today.  Is today different?  Is today the day that everything comes together for me?  I don't know.  It feels like a good day, I feel motivated to begin.  But I know I have felt this way before.  Only time will tell.

I still cannot decide to make the break from Weight Watchers.  I don't know why.  It's like a crutch or something.  And then there's that desire I have to be a featured success story, or at least apply!  If I cancel my membership, am I cancelling that dream?  It's not as if that dream is giving me a whole lot of motivation these days so cancelling shouldn't make too much of a difference.  I guess it's just the idea of it.  I seem to have the inability to make a decision on this subject.  Ugh!

I have a funeral to go to in the coming days, and my cousin is getting married next month.  I, of course, have nothing to wear.  Do I buy something that will serve both purposes, or do I buy two things.  Do I buy something for the funeral now, and wait until closer to the wedding to buy the outfit for that?  Like maybe I'll be thinner then...

In other news, my hair is falling out!  Not in clumps, but I'm definitely shedding way more than I used to and I can see my scalp way more than I could before.  Even my hairdresser noticed!  I went to the doctor to rule out any deficiencies or thyroid issues and all is well.  Of course, I want to be healthy, but I want an answer to this hair loss.  The only other explanation is stress.  My doctor said that hair loss in relation to a stressful even usually occurs 3-6 months after the event.  Well, this shedding has been going on for awhile now, probably 3 months.  So all timelines point to the fact that it could be related to the stress of my husband returning to work, my returning to the bad place, and also switching up medications that I have taken for years.  I have since quit taking one (about 4 weeks ago) that "could" attribute to the issue.  Nothing is really concrete in that regard.  What is certain is that I'm freaking out!!  My hair is the one constant in my life.  My weight can go up and down, but my hair has always been my best feature.  At my heaviest weight ever, I still received compliments on my hair.  And now it's falling out!  So that's just something else to stress about!  It could also be the major dietary change I've made over the last 9 or so months.  Less nutrion, way more junk.

So, today, for the sake of my hair, I'm making another last ditch effort to get back on track.  (I don't know if it's "last ditch" if you keep doing it over and over, though.)  I know that if I was running and eating better, I would feel better.  That would descrease my stress level.  We have settled into being a two-working-parent family again, and while I still stress a bit over child care, it's not like it was 6-9 months ago.  School is starting soon, but I'm trying to remain calm and worry free about that.  I just want to focus on me right now.  There are three weeks left of summer!  That's hardly any time at all.  My son is away at camp this week so these first couple days of cutting out the junk should be easier when I only have to worry about me (my husband doesn't get dinner when my son is gone, LOL.)  So that's the plan.

I'm also making a last ditch effort with this blog.  My URL renewal is in October so I need to decide if I still want to whine blog about my weight issues for all the public (okay, very few public) to read about.  I haven't been very active in reading other blogs even though I know I find lots of inspiration from others.  So perhaps if I get back to doing the things I know how to do, and know are good for me, I can get back to inspiring others too.  My story can be about someone who was sick of being obese, lost 85 lbs and became a runner, gained 49 lbs and became a couch potato, and then lost 55 lbs all the while becoming a runner again.

I hope it's more than just a story.  I hope it's my life.  My health matters.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Magical Night!

My friend and I saw Magic Mike last night!  It was so fun!  We were giggling and covering our faces a lot!  I highly recommend this movie for a fun night out with girlfriends.

What does that have to do with weight loss?  Well, I didn't have any popcorn or snacks! 

I absolutely love going to the movies and having all kinds of treats with me.  From M&Ms and (diet) soda, to popcorn and Skittles.  YUM!  I have been in the habit over the past few months of visiting Walgreens for theater candy and then buying popcorn and Diet Coke at the concession.  Last night I ate a nice little salad for dinner and then besides my Diet Coke, I didn't get anything to eat at the movie!  I can't say I didn't miss it, but my friend had popcorn and it actually didn't smell that good so it made me feel better.  (Am I the only one that notices the smell of microwave and movie popcorn is kind of gross if you're not actually eating it?  That reminds me, I need to check out air poppers.)

This is not to say I will forgo the treats everytime, because I do love me some movie popcorn (sans butter flavoring), but for the time being, I think it's best to stick to my daily caloric goal and avoid it.

As for calorie counting with My Fitness Pal yesterday, all was well.  The only think I don't like about the database of items is that it is so extensive that every search brings up so many matches, it can be hard to choose the one to use.  Also, I've noticed the calorie counts are not always accurate for all items, especially with fruit and nuts.  So if you're thinking about using this program for tracking, just beware that not every entry is correct.  Once you sift through and choose the ones that work, they will be available as recently used items which makes it quite convenient.  Although, I haven't figured out how to get rid of the recently used incorrect items which I have accidentally chosen on occasion.

Anyway, that's the story for today.  Enjoy the 4th and see Magic Mike if you're looking for a good time!

What say you?
Do you love movie popcorn? Or can you easily avoid it?  Do you like the butter flavoring?

I used to love getting the buttery, greasy goodness on my popcorn, but I avoided eating it for many years when I was younger because I was either dieting, or too cheap to buy it when we went to the movies.  When I finally tried it again one day, it totally made my stomach hurt!  Nowadays I don't even want it.  Sometimes if I share popcorn with a friend and they want it, I'll compromise, but it always makes my stomach feel a little sick.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Week 1 TBL: Success!

I lost 3.2 lbs this week!  I consider that a success.  I didn't exercise, but I did eat very well and the scale shows it.  I think I would have been down more had I not had a little bit of an off day yesterday.  Nothing too terrible, just a couple (5!) too many granola bars.

Last week I didn't follow any particular plan, I didn't count Points or calories, and it worked for me.  BUT I don't think it will always work for me because I like having the definitive "on plan" day when it comes to losing weight, especially with this challenge at work.  I want to be able to look at the week and KNOW that I was on plan.  If you've read my blog these last couple of years (if so, thank you!) you know that I have gone back and forth about Weight Watchers and that I have never embraced their new plan (I guess it's not new anymore since it was introduced in November 2010).  I've also gone back and forth about whether I should do the online plan or go to meetings.  As I sit here today, I am still wondering what I should do.  Part of me wants to see it through with Weight Watchers, but part of me thinks just counting calories is the best right now.  Not to mention FREE.  I really like using My Fitness Pal online and on their iPhone app.  It makes logging calories super easy, especially when your food has a bar code.  While most of my food is not prepackaged, their database of items is very comprehensive.

I calculated a typical day on Weight Watchers for 29 Points and the same foods came out to 1,443 calories (my limit has been 1,500).  This calculation shows me that either option of Points or calories should get me to my goal if I stick to my daily allowance.  It's just a matter of choosing a plan now.  And can I let go of Weight Watchers completely?  You see, since January of 2010 I have been an active online, meetings, or etools subscriber.  Over the many years of trying to follow this plan, I have built up quite a database of favorite foods and recipes.  I'm not sure I want to let all that go, but I'm also kind of tired of paying for something too!  I think the time has come that either let it go, or go back to meetings.  Otherwise, it's not worth it to pay for something I can do online for free (track food).  I don't use the site for anything other than tracking so it's not as if I'd be losing all kinds of resources.

So typing all this out has brought me closer to thinking that counting calories is what I should do. So that's what I'll do today.  Tomorrow?  We'll see.

Does anyone use My Fitness Pal?  Do you love it?  Do you have any tips or tricks?  What other sites have you tried?

I have also used Livestrong and SparkPeople.  Both are great options, but the iPhone app for MFP is way better in my humble opinion.  One thing I'll point out is that I haven't used any of the applications for tracking exercise so I have no idea how it even works.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Biggest Loser Redux

Tomorrow starts another Biggest Loser contest at my office.  It was a contest just like that which kicked off my weight loss journey.  I'm really hoping this one gets me back on track.

Monday, May 21, 2012

It shouldn't matter.

I have been having a really hard time accepting where I am now as my new reality.  I have gained over 30 pounds since last summer and that is a tough pill to swallow.  It's discouraging and depressing (not in the clinical way), and downright embarrassing.  Yes, I'm embarassed.  It's difficult to face people these days.  Do they pity me or think I'm lazy?  Is anyone disappointed in me? 

But it shouldn't matter, right?  What matters is getting back on track and not worrying about what other people think.  But at the heart of it, I'm disappointed in me and that is the worst part.  And how do I get past it?  All the negative feelings I have for myself are really dragging me down.

When I first started this "journey", I was participating in a Biggest Loser contest at work.  There was money involved.  Was that the reason I was able to stay motivated?  Is that what drove me?

I have expended so much energy lately trying to figure why I cannot seem to stick with anything these days.  Nothing.  Not an eating plan, not an exercise plan, not a menu plan for my family, not even a simple plan to grocery shop every weekend.  It's like the desire to do anything isn't there. 

So I'm starting to think I'm still in the bad place.  Don't get me wrong, I feel way better than I did a few months ago, but I also don't feel excited or happy about much of anything.  That is a super sad way to feel, isn't it?

I have to participate in a 5K race this weekend (Sunday).  I have run this race for the past two years; my parents do it too.  In 2010, it was the first event I participated in after completing the Couch to 5K.  My goal was to finish with a 12 min/mile or less pace, and to run the entire way.  In 2011, I had come along way and set my goal at a sub 30.  I achieved both of those goals.  (Yay me!)

This year, my only goal is to have the guts to show up and participate.  Getting to that starting line is my goal.  I'm trying not to feel sad about where I am this year compared to years past.  I'm trying to tell myself that it doesn't matter if my time this year is slower than my time in 2010.  I'm trying to accept the fact that I'll be walking A LOT.  Because it shouldn't matter.

"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
-John Bingham


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Well, so much for that.

My plan to post daily in May...well that hasn't turned out.  Turns out I don't have much to say on a daily basis right now.

I am so glad I didn't do Bloomsday on Sunday!  Yesterday I went for a run and it was down right hard!  During the run, the most pain was in my lungs.  I was breathing heavy!  Today, the pain is in my quads.  Ouch!  I covered the 3 mile distance, but I didn't run the whole way.  But I got out there, outside! 

I also had a great day on program, too.  Someone asked how it was going with not counting Points or calories.  Unfortunately, not very well since I've gained weight.  So yesterday I counted Points and I stayed within my daily allowance.

I'm also trying out a new breakfast--hard boiled eggs.  I have been eating an English Muffin with peanut butter for so many weeks in row it's not even funny.  While I still love that breakfast, I thought switching things up might help start my day in a different way.  I'm also trying to limit the carbs a bit since I have been consuming so many of them lately.  Mostly in the form of simple, fattening sugar, but also whole grain breads in enormous quantities.  My belly fat tells the tale.

Anyway, I'm off to a good week.  Are you?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Star Wars Day

I have never heard before that May 4th is Star Wars day. But today I heard it so many times, and it was all over Facebook.

May the fourth be with you!

For some reason it cracks me up.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Um, stuff.

Wow, I'm three days in and already having a hard time coming up with topics.

I have pretty much decided not to do Bloomsday this weekend. I feel like a chump, but that's just the way it goes sometimes. No one will probably judge me as harshly as I judge myself.

My new show is One Tree Hill. This show seems a little more down to earth than Gossip Girl, but it's also much older so the dated looks seem, well, dated. I like it though.

Two and a half weeks ago I had a roofer give me an estimate on a roof repair. They've yet to show up to actually do the job. Seriously! It's annoying. It might be time to offer to give someone else my money.

Anyone jumped on the Fifty Shades of Grey bandwagon? I admit it, I read the series and really liked it. Book 2 was by far the best! That genre is not my usual cuppa, but there is just something about that Christian Grey...

Well, I worked at home today and that was really nice.

I am posting from my iPad and I can't figure out how to underline text or use spellcheck so I apologize for any errors.

That is all.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What am I using food for?

I had an appointment with my therapist today and we talked about how I can't seem to stop eating too much. When I want a candy bar, I don't just buy one, I buy three, for example. She asked me to keep a journal over the next couple of weeks to try and pinpoint the feelings surrounding my urges to binge. I don't think it's that easy. I have tried to figure out the feelings for years.

I will let you know if I discover anything.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Post a Day in May

Yes, that's what I'm going to strive for, one post everyday.  By the end of the month, I should have a solid direction for this blog, whatever that may be.  Today's post will be a hodgepodge of things.

Yesterday was a good day on the eating and exercise fronts and that makes me very happy.  I am proud of myself!!

This Sunday is Bloomsday, that little 12K run I have on my schedule.  Man, I don't want to do it.  I don't, I really, really don't.  But I might still be doing it, I don't know.

Unfortunately, it's probably time for me to buy some new clothes, some larger ones.  Ugh!  I have putting it off, hiding myself in bulky sweatshirts and jeans, but since the weather is getting warmer, I think I'll have to bite the bullet and buy a few things.  It makes me sad and I feel disgusted with myself. 

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a jeweler.  My husband and I will be celebrating our 16th anniversary this year and we are looking at some new wedding rings.  A few years ago we talked about doing something special for our 15th anniversary, but since he was out of work last year, it definitely wasn't in the budget!  We have some jewelry to trade so we are hoping to not spend much actual money, but it will be fun to see our options! 

I watched all four available seasons of Gossip Girl on Netflix.  Okay, that show is terrible, but seriously addicting!  It is so far out of touch with reality, well the reality I know anyway, yet I couldn't turn away.  I can't wait until the current season is out there for me to watch! 

Tonight is the finale of The Biggest Loser.  Can I just say that this has been the worst season of this show, the absolute worst!  The contestants are awful and such whiners!  I can't believe the two most annoying females are in the final 3! I'm not a huge reality TV watcher, but I've always been drawn to this show because of the amazing transformations.  This season has been filled with whining and backstabbing and bitching and quitting!  Ugh, I can't wait for this season to be over.  As for the show itself, it's getting a little out of control with the product marketing.  How many commercials within the show to we need for Jennie-O turkey, Subway, Britta, etc.? 

Well, that is all for today.  Talk to you tomorrow.

Have you been watching The Biggest Loser?  What do you think of this season?

Monday, April 30, 2012

Weird Morning

Last night I went to bed with a plan of waking up early and getting on the treadmill.  There's nothing really unusual with that, except that I actually set my alarm to do it.

Long about 3:50 a.m., my body decided to be done sleeping.  But I was not getting up!  I read in bed for the next hour, all the while discussing the forthcoming workout with myself.  It started with thinking I would not do it because I woke up too early and felt too tired.  Then I started thinking about the whole running thing anyway and how maybe I don't even like it.  Maybe I should become a walker.  Maybe I should take up something else like Zumba!  And if I did get up, what would I do?  Would I try to run for a certain number of minutes, a certain distance?  Could I actually make myself get on the treadmill or should I go outside? And so on it went.

Finally about 5:10, I made up my mind: I was going to get up, bundle up, and take a walk outside.  It's a place to start and the fresh air would be good.  Unfortunately, when I was about half dressed, I realized I could hear the rain it was pouring so hard!  Um, there once was a day that wouldn't have stopped me, but today wasn't one of those days.  I whipped off my pants prepared to crawl back into bed.  BUT instead, on the way, I grabbed the shorts I planned to wear on the treadmill this morning and got dressed.  I prepared to take on the dreadmill.

Ta da!  Go me!

I went back to the basics.  I completed Week One, Day One of the Couch to 5K program.  It wasn't difficult, it got my heart pumping, and raised my confidence a bit.  I can still move! The whole workout lasted only a half an hour and I didn't sweat much, but it felt really good.

I have my menu planned out today and hope the kickstart of the morning workout will help keep me focused and "on plan."  As for my 4 day challenge of last week, I only made it three days.  :(  BUT I start this week weighing less than last and all forward motion counts!

The only trouble is that it's now only 8:35, I've barely been at work any time at all and I'm SOOOO tired!  I should be able to get to bed early tonight, though.

At this moment, I sort of have a workout plan for the week, but I sort of don't feel committed to anything either.  Day by day is the best plan.

As for this blog, I forced myself to write today.  I'm just not feeling it.  Perhaps I'm done with this whole thing, I don't know. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I am ready to be done dieting!!

Yes, I said it.  I know, I know, it's not a diet, it's a life style change.  But come on, it is a diet.  Whether I'm counting Points, or calories, or servings, or whatever, it's feels like a diet and a diet feels restrictive!  And I swear, if it's restricted, I WANT it!  Of course I can eat whatever I want IF I count it, but everyone knows that eating Cheez Its or some other wonderful snack food isn't the best use of calories/Points/servings/whatever.

So for the time being I'm going to quit counting.  I know HOW to eat, I know WHAT to eat, and I know HOW MUCH to eat.  Some people think the key to weight loss is tracking your food.  This has been hammered into my head for years by Weight Watchers.  But sometimes I think tracking makes things harder, puts more focus on what you're eating (or not eating) and just all around makes your life revolve around food.  I posted about this while back when I was getting to know Paul McKenna so this is not a novel or new concept for me.  I tried awhile back to toss the food journal, but then I changed my mind and decided that Weight Watchers was the only way I could lose weight.  Sometimes I think WW is a crutch for me.  But what if it wasn't?  What if I could do this on my own just by eating less?  What if I never tracked another thing except my hunger level?  Because lately I'm so sick of counting!  I don't know.  My thoughts on this subject change from day to day, even from morning to night.  It's a cycle of desperation and self doubt is what it is.


This week I am focusing on staying on program for four days.  "On program" means not eating chocolate candy bars, not having sugary-fatty drinks from Starbucks, and no salty-bad-for-you snacks like Cheez Its.  If I can stick to this for four days, then on Thursday night I'm going to see The Lucky One as a reward.  Four days.  That might sound like hardly any time at all, but I nearly caved last night.  I actually went to the pantry, grabbed the box of Cheez Its and settled back on the couch (while watching The Biggest Loser, of course).  I opened the box slowly, contemplating the whole time about whether I really wanted to eat those things, and in the end I closed the box and put it away without having any.  VICTORY!  It's small, but I made it through.  So two of the four days done.

What happens after the four days?  Well, more days, of course.  At least I hope so. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

No running and then a 12K?

I am still here, still wanting to blog daily, but not actually doing it.  I am continuing to work on healing my mind.  I feel so much better than I did a couple of weeks ago, but there's still much progress to be made.

I cannot ignore the fact that I have a race coming up on May 6.  It's a 12K and I am not sure what to do.  I would just plan to skip it, except that I actually signed up as part of a team to participate, a team that includes my coworkers.  That was back in February.  I didn't feel well in February, but I was hoping that having the event scheduled would get me out the door for a run.  It didn't work as I've hardly run in 2012 at all.  Now I am faced with whether to bail on the team or just suck it up and do it.  Last year I ran this race and even then I was excited about the next year's race.  Now that the event is looming I know a PR is out of the question, running the entire distance is out of the question, and possibly even getting to the starting line is out of the question.  I just don't think I can do it.

My confidence level is completely in the dumper, and I feel like if I do this race it will only hurt my efforts to regain it.

Of course, on the flip side, I could do this race and surprise myself.  If only I could foresee the future...

Monday, April 2, 2012

A Shift in the Darkness

Hellooooooo, anyone out there?

I am still here and still alive.  What's more is that I am finally feeling like I can move forward. 

I feel like I have lost time.  I have been struggling for months and months, living in the bad place, shrouded in darkness.  I have been trying to get help by visiting my doctor (who I now think is a quack) pretty regularly since last fall.  In all this time I have been freaking out, feeling terrible about the here and now, about the future, and pretty much everything in general.  Getting out of bed in the morning has been a chore. 

I had completely relapsed into clinical depression with a heaping helping of anxiety to go along with it.  I was very scared.  If you've not experienced it, you are very lucky.  If you do not understand it, I get that.  I have it and I don't understand it.  If you don't believe in it, well, you can just get the f--- out!  It's real.  It's not a choice, it's not something you can just turn off, you don't just "snap out of it!"  It is debilitating, and it is a medical condition.       

So...after what feels like forever, I am happy to report that the darkness has shifted and I can finally see some light.  I still have work to do and I still don't feel like myself completely, but for the first time in months, I think I might be headed towards remission.

In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out how not to blame the quack doctor for the damage he's done.  Well, I can blame him, I just don't want to get too fixated on it.  He could have helped me months ago, but instead I've been suffering and falling deeper into the darkness.  Finally, I made a choice to switch providers and all she had to do was give me a new prescription.  We haven't even tried counseling of any kind as she said it would be pointless in my current state.  She wanted to stabilize my mood at least, or better yet, lift it.  And it's like a miracle.  Just under 3 weeks later, I feel some relief.  I can only assume that as time goes by, it will only get better, especially now that I have someone looking out for me. 

As I said, I feel like I've lost time, precious time in my health journey.  I've been trying to cope with the issues while feeling miserable.  In the past, coping has meant eating.  I thought all that was behind me, but clearly it was just on the shelf.  Because as soon as the depression started, I started eating.  While the aftermath of binging is never good, the time spent doing it does offer relief.  So I kept doing it.  And now I have to learn again how to stop this habit.  Medication only helps so much and as time goes by, I'll have to recover on many levels and learn to stop using food for comfort.

I also have lots of work to do in the running department.  While I have logged a few runs here and there, my confidence is gone.  I feel as though I am starting over, not just physically, but also mentally.  Running is awesome for the mind, but getting out there and getting it done...well, baby steps...  I am considering the Couch to 5K program again, maybe an accelerated version.  It's too soon to figure that out, though.

I am trying not to beat myself up and recognize some things have been beyond my control.  I no more think I could have avoided a relapse than I think I can walk on the moon.  It won't help anything to berate myself on a daily basis for the slide back into old habits.  I can only go forward.  I have posted before about moving forward and getting back on track, but as I look back, I know it was impossible that I could have gotten back on track.  I did have some good days, some "on plan" days, but it was too easy to give up.  When everything feels hopeless, healthy eating and exercise feels unreachable and even useless.

So the point of this post is to get a few things out there, let you know where I've been, and let you know where I hope I am going.  I also want to tell anyone who may be suffering from depression and anxiety to get help immediately.  And if you are getting help, but aren't being helped, find someone else to help you.  There is no need to suffer; you're only losing time.

Talk soon.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Down, but not out.

This post is indeed from 3/1/12.  I did not publish it because I wanted there to be a true change before I posted all my troubles.  Stay tuned for an update (4/2/12)...

If you've read my About Me page or followed me for awhile, you know that I struggle with anxiety and depression.  Well...greetings from the bad place, where we gain weight and quit running!  :-(

I've been working at getting my head on straight, unfortunately I'm struggling.  I have gained weight, I haven't run hardly at all, and I certainly haven't done any other activity.  I make a lot of plans and then I don't follow through.  All that just adds to the other things I'm dealing with and needless to say it's certainly not helping.  My mind needs the exercise yet I cannot seem to make my body get up and do it.  But you know what, THIS is my happy place, not an extension of the bad place!  I came here to drop a line and let you know where I'm at, but I don't plan to stick around and whine.  I don't want this blog tainted by all that.  Plus, it's a personal struggle that I don't feel like making public on this blog.  Maybe when I feel well again I will go into more detail.

For now, you can count me down, but not out.

On that note, tonight I went to Weight Watchers.  I actually went about a month ago and had a really good week right after that, but then it all went to crap again.  Tonight I weighed in at 185.8.  Yes, that is over 30 pounds higher than my lowest weight last year.  That is 40 pounds from my goal of 145.  Will this be the day where I start making strides?  I hope so.  I feel really good about it, but only time will tell.

Also this weekend, I did finally get in some exercise.  Friday I ran 3.1 on the treadmill, Saturday I walked for 35 minutes, and Sunday I ran 3.1 outside for the first time since November 8!  It was hard and I almost quit, but I did it!

All forward motion counts.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Motivation and Determination

Katie, over at Runs for Cookies (here) had a great post the other day called "The Difference Between Motivation and Determination" (here).  It is awesome and you should check it out.  I agree with her views 100%.

I do enjoy creating little motivators for myself, but I know that determination is what will get me to my goals.  I thought I would share a couple things which do serve as motivators for me.

Inspiration board

Race bibs and a 10K medal

My half marathon display
My treadmill is in our basement and unfortunately I'll be running there for awhile yet since we just got a huge amount of snow.  The Mill faces the corner and the walls are red. 
I have an upcoming project and that is to decorate those walls.  I bought two magnetic white boards just like my inspiration board above and I'm going to hang one on each wall, and then fill each with motivating and inspiring items like pictures and quotes.  I'm really looking forward to having something more fun to stare at!!  I'll share some photos when I am done.

Do you have a treadmill?  Do you put motivators near by?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yikes!!! and a DIY

Yikes!  I've updated my weight tracker here on the site through December and it's not pretty.  Skeered!

I wanted to share a little DIY medal display.  It is so simple and perfect for those of us without many medals, actually 1 medal.

I ordered a race photo from my half marathon last July (cha-ching!) and I wanted to display it.  Then I had this puny little medal (seriously, those race medals are not that cool) that I wanted to put somewhere also.  I came up with this.

 Luckily there's a nice blank spot on the corner of the photo and the medal seems to be just the right size for that spot. I looped the medal ribbon around the easel of the frame and wah-lah, perfect display for my home office.

How do you display your precious race medal/photo?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Disconnecting and a New Training Plan

Do you ever feel like you're too connected?  Too much electronics?  I have felt like that a lot lately (says the girl who's selling, selling, selling on eBay in order to buy an iPad). 

I have my iPhone connected to my employer's network.  Part of that is because I am out of the office on Fridays and I work at home a fair amount.  I want to be able to read and respond to email quickly.  But is it necessary?  My employer does not require this of me, I just decided since I've got the phone, might as well do it.  Well, over the weekend I disconnected my email and it was fabulous!!  I think I will at least disconnect on Weekends and maybe at a certain time each night.  You'll probably say just stop reading it.  That would be smart if I could do it, but I can't.  If I see the notification, then I simply must read it.  I'm weird like that.

I also tend to let email interrupt me at work.  I can be working away and then an email comes in and I let it pull me away from what I was doing into whatever someone might need.  I pride myself on being a quick responder, but sometimes I wonder if other aspects of my work suffer.  It might be better to work for a solid hour on a project and then read and respond to email.  I wonder if having set times for reading email might be more efficient.

Multitasking.  This is something I always see on resumes as a strength or skill.  But is it really possibly to multitask.  I watched a time management seminar by Randy Pausch (here) who put that into perspective.  You really cannot do more than one thing well at a time.  You're actually doing multiple things badly.  I do think it is a skill to be able to deal with interruptions efficiently while not letting it derail your efforts on other tasks, but to simultaneously do multiple things at once, I don't believe it's possible.  Except maybe listen to music while working, but do you really hear the music?

I am one of those people who never sits and does one thing when I am at home.  If I'm watching TV, I'm also reading my Kindle or working on my computer.  Sometimes I'm not focusing on the TV at all, but it's on in the background, I'm reading my Kindle, and playing several games of Words with Friends (UN: LoriV518).  I believe this "multitasking" is not helping me relax at all. Why I have been unable to veg out with a book or movie lately is unknown, but I plan to make a change.  My brain needs to slow down and take five, even if it's only for thirty minutes.  It's not necessarily disconnecting, but it's slowing down to breathe a little, and slow the brain from switching gears every five seconds.  I look forward to trying this.

This week I plan to start the Run 10K program I have on my iPhone.  I'm actually going to start on week five where the run/walk intervals are even.  Each day this week looks like this (I'm not sure how that works out to 68 minutes because there will be a 5 minute walk at the end too, but we'll see):
I am looking forward to following this program--I'll be doing weeks 5-13 over the next 9 weeks.  I think it's going to help get me back into running regularly by having a set program to follow.  It's very similar to the Couch to 5K program concept.  And intervals are nice for weight loss. :-)

Do you need to disconnect?  Do you think there is such a thing at efficient "multitasking"?  Are you connected to your employer's network via your cell phone?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wanted: trade used running shoes for a new blog design?

Anyone interested in a trade?  I have a pair of Adidas Supernova Sequence 3 Running shoes that I would like to trade with somone who can make me a new blog design.  I was going to sell the shoes on eBay, but this trade would benefit me more.  These shoes have around 100 miles on them and are size 8.5.  Anyone, anyone?  Contact me!

Do you love Lara Bars? Here's a giveaway!

Stephanie Anne over at Running to Health is hosting a Lara Bar giveaway!  Enter here!  Yummy!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

Don't Mind Me

So I accidentally published a post tonight that I didn't mean to.  Back when I was doing my Welcome 2012 post I started writing and it turned into a major downer.  I should have deleted it, but I saved it with the same title, except I added "The Shitty Version at the end.  Hah!  Now I've published it accidentally.  Whoops!  Well, oh well.  I have deleted it from the blog, but I guess it's still in the  Readers so whatev.  I live with it.  Some of you can get a glimpse of the real downer me from that day.

Let's get this year started!! Goals 2012

From Thanksgiving until mid-January, there is a hustle and bustle about our house.  First the holidays, then birthdays.  And then I'm done until November.  My son's birthday was yesterday (he's hit the double digits now) and that marks the official end to our hustle season!  Now I feel like I can relax more and think about me.  I hope that brings about good things for both weight loss and running for me!

I've been putting some goals together for 2012.  These are things I'd like to accomplish in 2012, not resolutions.

First, the non-health related goals.

1. Finish our Disney scrapbook for our 2008 trip!  I have the pictures organized, I have all the supplies, I just need to take time to put it together.

2. Crochet an aghan.  I used to be an avid crocheter and then once everyone and their dog had a blanket from me, I kind of gave it up.  But I actually really love crocheting and would like to get back into it.  It's a great thing to do in front of the TV, that's for sure.  I already have yarn I bought a couple years ago, I just need to pick a pattern and get busy!

3. Sell stuff on eBay that is just sitting around.  This is already underway.  In the last two weeks I've made $442.16 by selling stuff on eBay.  Everything from DVDs to a Coach purse.  I have just a few more active listings and a few more things to list and then I'll be good for another couple years.  It's fun but I get kind of burnt out on it.

4. Buy an iPad.  This goes along with #3 and is what I plan to do with all the money I've made.  I still have some Christmas money, too.  I'm super excited!  I do plan to wait until after the next release/upgrade to purchase.  Sometimes I wish new electronics didn't come out so quickly!

5. We have two bathrooms that need paint!!  I would also like new towels and decor for each.  The third bathroom needs new tile, grout or both.  I want to ge these projects done!

6. Consistently save money.  This is a joint effort by both my husband and myself.  We are finally getting back on our feet a little bit and it feels good.  The next step is to put money back into savings and not accrue any additional debt!  This includes saving separately for Christmas which is a huge expense for us because we love it so much!  I want to start pre-planning for it instead of recovering after the fact.  Save. Save.  Save.  Of all my non-health goals, this is my biggest one!

Now for the ones we're really here about: the health goals!

1. Reach my goal weight.  This is the big one and seems so tough right now!

2. Once I get to my goal weight, I want to submit my story to Weight Watchers.  I have always wanted to be a featured success story.  I know I have gone back and forth about my continued relationship with WW, but I am going to stick with them, either by going to meetings or simply as an online member.  I don't have control whether they pick my story, but I do have control over reaching my goal weight and submitting my story.

3. Consistently cross train.  Ultimately, I want to be a runner, but I don't want to just run.  Cross training to me means any other intentional exercise that isn't running.  It may mean bike riding, elliptical, DVDs or simply walking on the treadmill. This activity isn't replacing running, however, it's in addition to running.

4. Run 600 miles this year. I was under 600 both last year and 2010.  2011 was actually lowest given my crash and burn during the last two months.  I have also had a slow start this January, but I can always make up the mileage.   I'm resolved to get better!  A monthly average of 50 miles should be doable, however, even while adding other activity.   

5. Run a sub 2:30 half marathon.  Yes, I plan to do another half this year, the same See Jane Run event as last year.  I also plan to go out with a goal of 2:30 again.  I hope this is my year.

Well, I'm a little late to the 2012 goal party, but here's to all of us reaching our goals!

What's your top goal this year, non-health related?

Terribly Sad

So many of us are saddened to hear of the missing Montana teacher Sherry Arnold who is now presumed dead.  Such a tragedy!  Those of us who are solo morning runners are no doubt freaked out.

When I was in my early twenties, I used to run alone outside in the mornings, and I never thought about safety even a little bit.  Course that running stint didn't last long so it wasn't a big deal.  As I'm older now and have a child to think about, I admit to being a little bit more cautious when it comes to running alone in the mornings.  I usually always run in the neighborhood so that even if I'm alone, I'm not out in a completely uninhabited area. But I admit that I can probably exercise more safety precautions.  (Lately I've been really safe in the mornings...all snug and warm in my bed!!) 

This tragedy is a reminder for all of us.  Running alone in the morning or late at night is not the safest thing in the world so please be careful.

PS. I need a running partner!!

Friday, January 13, 2012


Something is amazing to me.  Right now I feel like crap.  Isn't that amazing?  Okay, that's not the amazing part.  The amazing part, and my amazing, I mean devastatingly terrible, is that when I reached this same weight on my way down, I felt fantastic.  Now that I've reached this weight on my way up, I feel craptastic!  It's an amazing perspective, although, I could do without having experienced it.  :(

Today I ran on the treadmill.  I planned two miles and I finished two miles.  The speed was okay and I felt okay, but my body is definitely not where it was.  My lungs have definitely lost some of their stamina, but my legs felt pretty good.  I plan to run another two tomorrow.  Here's hoping that happens!!  I am in control.

I was not, however, in control last night.  Well, it actually started in the late afternoon.  Long about 4:00 it became apparent that I would be working late into the evening and since I didn't prepare for that I had no extra food with me.  I was already starving.  I made it all of about 15 minutes after the realizing before I was digging into the bagels in the office kitchen.  I'm not going to even tell you all that I ate between about 4:30 and 11:30 last night (I finally left the office at 9:45).  The last thing I ate was part of a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds.  I poured the bowl, added the milk and then beached myself upon the couch.  I was going to take some time to find a picture of myself for my son's school project so I started perusing the options, and then I found this one:
That there is the 75 pound coat (my other cat, not Tucker; she's not really allowed on the bathroom counter) and me with skinny thighs!  OMG, seeing the picture and remembering how I felt when I took it had me putting the bowl of cereal down quickly.  I ended up dumping about 90% of down the disposal.

I wonder if putting that picture everywhere I go would keep me from picking up the cereal in the first place?  Thinking about it is certainly helping me today.  The truth is in the run.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2 Years Later and is it a Coincidence?

So after my post last night, I was really telling myself to believe in myself.  And then this morning when I headed over to the WW website, I found this.

Do you think it's a coincidence?

As I said yesterday, today is my two year anniversary of starting this journey.  Unfortunately, I have gained some weight so I'm not as light as I was a year ago, but I'm still 60 pounds lighter than I was two years ago.  I want 2012 to be my year.  2012!  I love even number years so this year is already my friend!
I became a lifetime member of Weight Watchers in the Fall of 1999 with a goal weight of 130.  I would like to officially change my goal weight to 145 once I reach it and then weight in monthly at  Weight Watchers as a lifetime member.  I also heard that lifetime members get free e-tools.  Those things are good incentives to keep going and not give up.  Keeping up with that monthly check-in will also help me maintain when I get to that point.

That said, I'm not sure if it's best to continue with Weight Watchers online or actually become a meetings member.  I have said several times that the meetings aren't really for me, but it seems like they have a new open door format where you can go, weigh in, talk with the leaders, get materials and not sit through a meeting.  There is a new center on my way home that has open hours each day for drop ins.  I like this idea.  I like it a lot, in fact.  It would be a nice way to find a leader that I connect with and then maybe meetings would be good for me.  For now, I am an online member but I will keep you posted on what I decide.  Online is more in my budget right now so I'd kinda like to stay with that for awhile, but I also want to stay motivated so if I need to change it up, I will.

Today is a good day.  I did not get up to exercise, but I am eating ON PLAN and I'm drinking my water faithfully.  Quick note, I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but I am a water bottle addict.  I have no less than 5 purple water bottles and 3 pink ones.  Here's my latest acquisition:
My husband says this bottle is exactly like one I have.  Well, no it isn't.  The one I have has a black lid while this one has white.  And this one is my favorite right now! So there!

And just because I made that proclamation so many moons ago about this blog needing more pictures, here's your daily cuteness.

That is my kitty, Tucker, who nearly died over New Year's weekend.  He's doing so much better!!  I am so thankful.  He's wearing his "party collar" until he gets his stitches out tomorrow.  Last night he was clearly helping me work.  He also loves purple and chooses that color for his pens.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Note to Self: Believe

Dear Lori,

You can do it.  You will do it.  Do not give up.  You cannot give up.  You cannot go back to that place.  Nothing tastes as good as a run feels.  A long, slow run is exhilarating.  A long, slow snack...not so much. Tomorrow it will be two years since you started this journey, but anniversaries don't matter.  Stop thinking you'll "start" that day.  Just do it.  Keep Start moving forward.  Anyday and everyday. You can and will achieve your goals.  First, believe.  Second, achieve.  As Ali Vincent says, "Believe it.  Be it." You've lost faith in yourself, but you can get it back.  Get on the treadmill, eat less, and believe.  Before you know it, you'll be there.  And that will be great because there are some nice clothes in your closet that miss you.


What do you do with retired running gear?

First of all, thanks for continuing to read this blog and welcoming me back! 

So on to today's topic...

I have a couple of race belts which I no longer use (not because I'm not running currently) but because I found something that works better for me.  So now I have these perfectly good race belts sitting around.  In my organized world, anything sitting around without a use is called clutter.  I HATE clutter.  Both of the belts are Amphipod and one his a hydration belt.  I talked about both of the belts here.  Both have been washed so they're clean, the bottles have been and can be sanitized.  So the question remains: what do I do with these things.  Surely someone else could benefit from them, right?  Would it be weird to offer them up on this blog, or should I just give them to charity?  I would love it if someone could get use out of them because they are great belts.  Please tell me, would anyone want these belts, or is it weird to offer up a used item?  What say you?

What do you do with retired running gear that is in perfectly good, working condition?

Monday, January 9, 2012

MY Blog is for ME

So my first week of *trying* to watch it while getting back on the treadmill yielded one run and a gain of .6 pounds.  Go me!  Seriously, how lame am I?  And I mean that in the sweetest possible way, I mean, I love myself, I don't loathe myself.  At least I'm trying not to.  It's very hard.  Dangit.

I read a great post today by Tricia and Endurance isn't only Physical (here).  She put into words so much of what I've been feeling or was feeling during the latter part of last year regarding this blog. I found myself wanting a successful blog, a blog people turned to as a resource, a blog businesses relied upon for product reviews.  I kept measuring myself up to this standard (that I created in my own pinhead) and when I wasn't meeting it the mark, I felt like a failure.  And I kind of let that feeling drive me away from this blog.  And I've really missed this blog.

I'm a journaler (not a word according to blogger).  I have kept a journal ever since I was in junior high (1988).  I love to write.  I'm not necessarily a good writer, but I love to put my thoughts on a page.  My most favorite medium for journaling (another nonword) is pen and paper which takes a lot longer and makes my hand hurt.  It also doesn't come with spell check.  But it doesn't matter because my journal is for me and me alone and it doesn't matter if I write THERE instead of THEIR or something like that.  Of course, while I say it's for me, I do write it always with the sense that someone will read it someday.  Someday, after I'm gone, either my husband (probably not) or my son (maybe) or my son's wife (nosey bitch) will probably read it and for that reason I always keep things fairly calm.  I never say too much about one person or some persons for fear that information could get out to the wrong people someday.  Because the truth of it is that I could die tomorrow and my journals would still be here for any inquiring mind.  So I keep it real, but I also keep it nice, so to speak, always writing with the idea that someone will read it someday.

That same thing holds true for this blog except I seem to not be as comfortable writing for some reason.  I started the blog fairly anonymously and never told anyone about it except my husband.  After a few months I told my best friend and then another friend.  But that is all.  Well, then last fall a couple people that I actually know in real life became followers of this blog, and I found that it kind of shut me up, but also made me want the successful blog even more.  Like, I could be cool with my blog and what not.  Well, turns out, that's not for me.  This blog is for me and I guess in order to keep it going and to keep doing what I want to do, I have to not care as much who is reading and what they are thinking.  I need to be able to be completely honest with myself on this journey.  Because it's my journey.  Yes, if you get something out of it, or if I can help you or inspire you, I will love that so much. But if you hate me, think I'm a dork, a Negative Nelly or Debbie Downer, well, that's too bad.  Because this is me.  All of me.  My flaws but also my gifts and talents and attributes. 

That being said, over the weekend I lost a follower (I have no idea whom, it's not like I keep an list of names or anything).  Why should losing a nameless follower bugs me when I know that the number of followers means nothing.  But still, I guess I have the overwhelming desire to be liked.  Please like me.  Like my blog.

Okay, anyway, this blog is mine and I need to get back to it.  And what I need it for right (just typed 'write' instead of 'right'--wouldn't have mattered in the journal) now is to help me get back on track.  I am starting to feel a bit like I have failed, or I have relapsed, or something like it.  I have said before that I feel like I am a food addict.  I am addicted to food, much like others become addicted to cigarettes or alcohol.  I honestly feel like I've relapsed or fallen off the wagon.  And I need to get back on.  I cannot go back to obesity; I cannot go back to the couch.  I will get back to where I was AND beyond.  In the meantime, I will use this blog to ramble on and on about what it's going to take to get there.  And while I hope you're along for the ride, I can't worry about making YOU happy along the way.

Why do you blog?  Are you a guarded blogger, or a tell all blogger?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome 2012

So, I'm back!  The past couple of months have flown by for me.  Let me catch you up.  Since I last left you I have been running very little and gaining very much weight.  And that is very, very scary!

I am currently 20 pounds heavier than my lowest recorded weight!  Yes, you read that right!  Crap!

Unfortunately, I am one of those people who is effected a lot by the winter blues and unfortunately this year it started for me much earlier. I'm trying to get out of the funk, but for some reason I'm still stuck.  I tell myself to just get on the treadmill or even go out for a walk, but I can't bring myself to do it.  And the more I don't run, the more pounds creep on, and the worse I feel.  The worse I feel, the worse I eat, the more tired I am, the less I want to run.  It's a viscious cycle, of course.

It's not just the weather, it's a few things at home too.  I'm really happy that my husband is working, but I have not found the balance yet.  It's been hard for me to not have him at home to take care of our child, it's hard for me to have my child attend the after school program.  I also have to find time to go shopping and do laundry and anything else that needs doing.  It's not that my husband isn't helping out now, he is, but more things are falling on me to take care of too.  This transition has just been a lot harder than I was expecting.  There's also a little bit of the worry that it will all fall apart too, that he'll get laid off or lose his job for whatever reason and then we'll be back to the worry and turmoil of not having enough money to live.  I know, I know, I'm not supposed to think like that, life is meant to be lived, not worried about (PFG Jen said that the other day and I loved it), but as a chronic worrier, it's a hard thing.  It just is.  Our schedule is also different too.  He has to be to work from 8 to 5 whereas I have more flexibility.  Getting our child to and from school falls on me now and than changes my schedule quite a bit.  My husband is also more tired now and wants to go to bed way early, or is falling asleep on the couch.  I'm just not used to this.  I'm sure as time goes by I'll adapt, but for now, it's hard.

I'm also worried about my cat and the fact that he is now worth over $2,000, but refuses to eat.  It was a combination of vet bills ending with a surgery over the weekend to remove a Nerf dart tip from his small intestine (yes, you can laugh).  Basically he nearly died, and while right now I'm thinking maybe I should have let him go, I know that I have to try my hardest to get him to eat so that doesn't happen.  I chose to spend the money to save him and now I have to see that he remembers how to eat in order to stay alive.  But it's making me stressed.  You can bet I am thankful he's alive, and you can be assured I'm also glad it's just my cat and not my son who is sick, but I still worry.  Worry about having spent all this money, worry about having had to skimp on other things (like birthday presents for my husband) in order to keep him alive.  Was it the right thing?  I guess I don't even need to ask why since what's done is done.  But as I was force feeding him pureed chicken earlier this even, I was really questioning myself.  And I'm praying very hard for him.

Do I have the answer?  No!  If you'd have told me six months ago this is where I'd be today, I'd have said you were crazy and laughed.  But, here I be.

I did get on the treadmill yesterday (2 miles) and I did have a very good day of eating so I call that a win.  I tracked all my points too.  Today was my husband's birthday and we went out to dinner where I endulged in the macaroni and cheese at Red Robin.  It was tasty!  But that, combined with the pita chips I ate before we left, really dug into my weekly points allowance.  Not a great day for the 2nd day on plan.

I'm not trying to have resolutions because they don't work, I'm just trying to get back on track.  Long about Thanksgiving I basically decided to focus on geting my mind healthy to get through the holidays.  After the new year, I would try to focus more on my physical health as well as the mental aspect.  Of course it's all related.  The worse I feel physically, the worse I feel mentally, and I don't work out and I eat poorly.  And then I feel worse.  And the self loathing begins and that never leads to good things...and wait, didn't I already go over this above?

Well, anyway, I don't have the answers and I don't think I'm in a good place to make life changes at this time, but you know what?  When will I be?  The more time that's passed, the worse I feel, so why not today?  Each day is a new day.  I had a great day yesterday and a not so great day today, but who says I can't have an even better day tomorrow?  Walk the walk and maybe soon I'll talk the talk?  I don't know, let's leave the cliches to the experts.

I have no resolutions, but I do have goals.  My goal for 2012 is to make it to my goal weight, run at least one "race" each month from March to October, and complete another half marathon with a PR.  Considering my 2 mile run yesterday was quite difficult, I know that I have to kick it up a notch in order to be ready to run 5 miles in mid-March.

So I have a three month plan right now which culminates with a 5 mile event right around St. Paddy's day, and then a hope that I've lost a good bit of weight, at least back to where I was before, by the end of March.  I'm taking it a week at a time.  My goal for this week is to track all my points and run three times, on Monday (2 miles), Wednesday (2 miles), and Friday (2.5 miles).  That is all.  That should be no thang! 

My 2012 race schedule looks like this:

March: St. Paddy's Five 3/11/12 (5 miles)
April: Spring Dash  4/22/12 (5 miles)
May: Bloomsday 5/6/12 (12K)
May: CDA 5K 5/27/12
June: ??? (might not complete one because of two in May and July, though)
July: See Jane Run Half Marathon 7/15/12
July: Spokane Indians 8K Pennant Run 7/?/12
August: Dwight Dash 10K 8/25/12
September: Iron Girl 10K Seattle 9/9/12
October: Spokane 10K 10/?/12

What I'd really like to find is a race buddy.  We don't have to train together, although that would be nice, but we could just go to the race together, line up together, and meet up after.  Otherwise, I'm looking at doing most of these events all by myself.  And while that's okay, it's not ideal.  But so far, it's looking like I'll be a solo racer.

And now my cat just peed in the tub.  Great, something else to worry about, that he'll forget how to use a litter box!

Here's hoping for a better tomorrow.

Do you suffer from SAD?  How do you get out of a slump?