Thursday, November 10, 2011

Challenge Over; Still Need to Lose Weight

Hi all, I didn't get a chance to check in at the end of my challenge because I was too busy eating my way through the celebration of my husband getting a job.  Two years and two months he's been off work.  26 months!  It feels so strange to breath easier and not worry about every cent, not to worry about Christmas so much, or my son's activities.  Thanks to those who stopped by with kind words.

You'd think with all these stressors removed from my life I'd be coping well, eating good, and exercising a lot!  Well, that's not to be.  It's like I feel so relaxed and peaceful that it's easiest just to eat whatever is around rather than planning ahead.  I have accomplished two runs this week and hope for 1-2 more.  But we also have a group of friends who we'll be dining with at PF Chang's tomorrow night so I know that will be a disaster.  Even if I make excellent choices, the sodium will make me gain weight.  I think you gain 5 pounds from sodium just from walking in the door of that place!  Okay, maybe that's not fair.  I haven't been there in a long time so I shouldn't assume anything.

Is tomorrow a holiday for you?  Not for me, except that Fridays are my day "off".  I use quotes because technically I don't work on Fridays, but I'm still monitoring email and getting things done depending on what time of the month it is.  No, not Mother Nature's time, accounting time.  Needless to say, tomorrow I will be working.  My son will be home from school and it's my husband's official last day of being unemployed.  Hopefully we'll squeeze something fun in there.  I'm anxious to take my son to Puss in Boots.  I love that kitty cat!

So what really is the point of this post?  There probably isn't one as it seems like the point of this blog has gone AWOL.  What I can tell you is that I will be hosting a couple of fun giveaways in the next few weeks and I'm excited about that.  So even if I'm steadily gaining weight, I can still offer you some free stuff.  And maybe somewhere in there I'll get the fire back.

Speaking of fire, anyone see and love the KINDLE FIRE?  OMG, I want one of them!  I have had and loved my Kindle for years.  The Fire would never replace the e-ink reader, but oh the fun I could have with it.  Hello elliptical miles with video.  While I would really like an iPad, the Kindle Fire is far closer to my price range.

So talk to me.  Kindle Fire?  iPad? Puss in Boots?

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  1. I totally want a Kindle Fire, and I don't know why! And I'm seeing Puss in Boots tomorrow! :)

    Congrats to your hubby on finding a job.. what a great holiday gift. :)