Wednesday, October 26, 2011

8/21: The Morning Workout Challenge Week 3

Today's weight: 161.6 (14.8 lbs to goal)
I'm back to 75 lbs lost!!!  75.2 to be exact!

I feel really good and I'm back on track and eating smart.  I didn't get up this morning again due to a terrible night of sleep AGAIN.  I cannot turn off my mind and it's freaking killing me!  I hope to run after work (evening workout, blech!), but I'm so tired.  It's terrible.  I'm dead tired, but I cannot get to sleep at night.  It's getting really old.  When will it end?

And how ironic that I'm not working out in the morning given the subject matter of this week's posts.
The Morning Workout Challenge
Weight Watchers Sept/Oct 2011

Week 3

Keep Movin'
This week tends to be one of the hardest because your initial excitement may be waning.  These strategies will help you stick with your plan.

Take Wednesday off!  It's time to add one more workout day, for a total of four days per week.  Use Wednesday as your rest day; you'll only have to get through two mornings before you get a break.

Eliminate excuses.  Write down all of the excuses you can think of to stay in bed.  Then, next to each excuse write out how you will overcome it.  (Excuse: I'm too tired.  Buster: If I do this now, I"ll have the whole night off to relax.)

Aim for 20.  When you want to sleep in, try this trick: Tell yourself you are going to get up and do only 20 minutes of exercise.  More than likely, once you get started, you'll be inspired to keep moving.

It's always amazing to me how the third week of an exercise plan usually is the hardest for me too.  Push through.  And while I don't formally write down my excuses and tackle them ahead of time, I often find myself making excuses in the morning about why I don't want to work out.  The reminder of how I'll have my whole evening free (except that early bedtime!) is often what makes me get up.  I HATE working out in the evening more than I hate going to bed early to work out in the morning.  2 showers in one day?  No thanks.  I also feel much stronger in the morning even with a work out before breakfast.  Morning is where it's at for me and I need to stick with it.

Do you experience the week 3 (or other week) waning of your excitement when it comes to something new?  I do, and I also find that day 3 is usually the hardest whenevener I've tried to change my eating habits also.

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  1. Day 3 is tough for me too - surprising, because after a couple of days of doing well, you start to feel great and remember why you want to feel this good all the time. And then, for whatever reason, boom! Stumble.