Monday, October 24, 2011

6/21: The Morning Workout Challenge Week 1

Today's weight 163.8 (-1.8, 17 lbs from goal)

I started the morning with a 35 minute run and then some abdominal exercises, squats, lunges and these other things called Running Rows (from Fitness Magazine, April 2011), all with some arm work with 5lb dumbbells.  Are you like me in that you constantly tear great fitness routines out of magazines and then never do them?  Well, I decided I was going to put one to use this morning.  It had 5 exercises, and I did one of them.  Still a success?  :-)

So I'm reproducing and article from the September/October 2011 issue of Weight Watchers magazine without permission.  I hope I don't get sued.  This article is broken into 4 different weeks so I'll just post a week's worth of info for the next four days.  I can really relate to these tips while I try and convert to morning workouts.  Enjoy!

The Morning Workout Challenge

Plan Ahead
That's your key to success this week.  You just might find the first week of this mission to be a breeze.  Chalk it up to the excitement of starting something new and just go with it!

Pick a program.  Will you be exercising at a home?  Taking classes at the gym?  Walking around your neighborhood?  Whatever workout you choose, make sure it's something you find interesting and enjoyable.  Ease into this new routine by getting up early three times this week to do a 30-minute workout.

Go public.  Tell your goals to a friend or relative, and you'll be more likely to stick with them.  By nature, we don't want to disappoint others--or ourselves.

Hit the sack.  Prepare for this major change in your schedule by getting a good night's sleep.  Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual; waking up will be easier if you're getting enough sleep.  Nix the caffeine after 3 p.m. the day before a morning workout (to sleep more soundly) and aim for a solid eight hours per night.

Without a doubt, the hardest part about getting up early to workout is going to bed early enough and then falling asleep.  I HATE going to bed early so I have to force myself to do it.  Once in bed, I lay there for a long time when I wish I could just fall right to sleep.  I'm hoping with time it will get easier.

Do you workout in the morning?  How many hours of sleep do you get?


  1. I know what you mean about trying to fall asleep early! Once you get used to the earlier wake up time, though, it'll be easier to go to bed earlier. I actually woke up 5 minutes BEFORE my 5:30 alarm this morning!

  2. I got up for a morning yoga workout for the first time EVER today. It was weird. My balance was way off and my heart was pounding out of my chest. My body was definitely shocked!

    Still, I'm hoping to get my body used to the idea. Your posts lately have been my motivation.

    Getting to bed though, that is is definitely the tricky part. Sometimes it takes me an hour or more to actually fall asleep. However, if I can stick with it, maybe I can train myself to accept a new sleep pattern.

    Wish me luck!

    And be proud of yourself for today.