Saturday, October 22, 2011


Today's Weight: 162.6 (-3, 15.8 lbs to goal)

I read something interesting in Runner's World that I wanted to share.  It's from the latest issue, page 91, in the article entitled, "The NEW Research".

Question: Eat breakfast before your run?
Fresh Take: Sure, being properly fueled helps you run better.  And trying to run when your carbohydrate stores are depleted is hard--but not a bad idea if you're looking to shed pounds.  Preliminary studies have found running on empty forces your body to burn more fat.  But it does take a toll, so do it just a few times a week.

I love this!  I have been trying to switch my workouts to mornings, at least on Monday-Thursday.  I workout before breakfast on these days.  I feel pretty okay when I do, but I often wonder if I should try and eat something beforehand.  Well, I like this Fresh Take and will go with it.

On Fridays when I have more time and try and run longer, I usually eat breakfast first.  I'll definitely keep doing what I've been doing.


  1. I think whatever works for you is the right thing. Can't hurt to try it. I was not eating before yoga classes and couldn't figure out why I was shaky in my poses and just feeling washed out. Turns out I need to eat something small within an hour before, but when I was running, I didn't need to eat at all beforehand. The body is so strange.

  2. I used to run on an empty stomach but now I eat a slice of bread spread with a half tablespoon of Justin's almond butter (and maybe a teaspoon of honey). Gives me just enough fuel for the first four miles. If I'm running much farther than that, then I take an energy gel or two on the trail with me.

    It's good to get protein in your system within an hour of completing a good run/workout. It helps restore the muscles. Lowfat chocolate milk is an excellent source, as are fruit smoothies made with yogurt, frozen fruit and a scoop of whey powder.