Friday, October 28, 2011

10/21: Rewards

Today's weight: 160.6 (13.8 lbs from goal)

When I first started losing weight, I set up a reward schedule starting at -15 pounds.  I look back now and have no idea why I didn't start with -5!  That first 5 is hard!  I definitely recommend rewarding yourself for losing weight, working out, or whatever other measurable goal you set for yourself.  Here's the rewards I gave myself for the first 80 pounds lost.

-15 eyebrow wax & facial
-25 Amazon Kindle Cover
-30 sz 16 jeans from storage
-35 new underwear
-40 trip to spa
-45 2 new Victoria's Secret bras
-50 Keen flip flops
Halfway to goal - a trip to Seattle with shopping
-55 manicure
-60 new clothes
-65 new pajamas
-70 new exercise clothes
-75 outdoor coat
-80 Fossil watch

I am a little bit sad that I'm now trying to get back -80 pounds, but I know I'll get there.  And whenever I wear my watch, which is practically everyday, I am reminded of the milestone I've achieved.  That's the other great thing about rewards, they can be a visual reminder of your accomplishments.  I prefer the material rewards, rather than service rewards, although I did enjoy the spa treatments.  Whatever will motivate you, that should be your reward, of course.  We all have our own priorities.

I'm pretty blessed and have had a hard time thinking of future rewards for the last two 5 pound increments. Here's what I have so far, subject to change, of course. ;-)

-85 New running gloves
-90 Uggs

Do you reward yourself?  What are some of the rewards you've chosen?


  1. I definitely rewarded myself along the way, and plan on doing so after I pop this kid out and get back to losing weight!

  2. I love this idea of small rewards. And the fact that watch will be a daily reminder is the perfect visual to keep you motivated. Keep on going strong!