Monday, August 15, 2011

Get it together!

Starting weight: 236.8
Last week's weight: 159.0
Current weight: 162.8
Gain/loss: +3.8
Total gain/loss: -74
Pounds to goal (136.8): 26
Pounds to mini goal (149): 13.8

You might notice the scale moved in the wrong direction again.  I'm seriously and completely down about this.  Yes, I did indulge some over the weekend, but to gain that much?  And I'm not even going to mention the lower numbers I saw on the scale last week.  During the week, I was actually rocking a loss for the week.  I'm discouraged.  It seems like my system is utterly sensitive to salt in which any amount of it causes every cell in my body to suck up all the water I've consumed (yet I still pee ALL THE DAMN TIME!)  It's frustrating!

As for my workouts, I reached my 15+ miles as of last night.  I crapped out and didn't run Saturday before leaving for the lake so I had to do it last night upon arriving home from the lake.  I also went out there again this morning for just under 4 miles.  We are heading to the lake again this weekend so I am hoping to get all my miles in by the end of Friday's run so I don't have to haul my running gear with me or plan a run for Sunday evening.  With my schedule this week it means I'll have to run Mon-Wed-Thurs-Friday which I don't love (three days in a row).  But I can do it if driven.  Where the strength training will fit in is unknown at this time.

I had the nicest comment on my blog Saturday which really made me feel good about sharing my journey with all of you.  But after such a craptastic week and another stupid gain, I feel guilty.  I want to be the person that inspires others, the person who succeeds.  After all, this is supposed to be a weight loss blog.  I know it's only me who is putting the pressure on me, but I know what it's like to read blogs where the author starts gravitating from what was supposed to be the whole point of the blog.  I don't want to be one of those bloggers who loses site of the finish line, who never quite does what they set out to do, and who starts floating along in limboland.  And I certainly don't want to waste anyone's time by blogging about limboland, including my own.  I need and want to keep moving forward for everyone, especially me! 

Sorry, this isn't a pity party; I'm just stating what many are probably thinking: she needs to get it together.

Get it together!

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