Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What is enough?

It's a variation of this is a question that I keep asking myself. 
  • How much should I run so that I'm running enough? 
  • How many days should I exercise so I'm exercising enough? 
  • How many pounds should I lose until I've lost enough? 
I think the answers must come from within, of course, but how do I arrive at them?  I don't know. 

How do you decide what is enough?

1 comment:

  1. My problem is that my dreams can be too much for my physical limitations sometimes! So I listen to my body.

    - If I want to run 5 miles but can only do 4, that's okay. I'm still running. I know I can do 5. Just not today. I'll try again next time.
    - I try and stay active every day, but when the bod gives me clues that it's time to rest, I need to listen. No use overdoing it and getting hurt, cuz that would lead to even more "rest" days!
    - For weight ... I'm struggling a bit with deciding what "The End" is. I said 135 when I got started, but that's because it's in the middle of my healthy BMI range and at 345 pounds, it was a pipe dream that I never thought I'd be close enough to actually consider. Again, though, I'm going to listen to my body. If I feel healthy and happy, then that's the right weight for me - doesn't matter what the number is.