Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weigh In - 07/12/2011

Starting weight: 236.8
Last week's weight: 159.4
Current weight: 157.0
Gain/loss: -2.4
Total gain/loss: -79.8
Pounds to goal (136.8): 20.6
Pounds to mini goal (149): 8

I had a fairly decent week this week.  Aside from my latest frozen yogurt addiction, I stayed pretty much on plan except for a small chip fiasco on Sunday!  I only ran on three days (Wednesday, Friday & Saturday), but I completed the No More Trouble Zones workout DVD twice (Tuesday & Friday).  That makes two weeks (2x/week) of that work out and I have to say it is awesome!  I can already tell a difference in my strength level and how my body feels.  I didn't take measurements or anything, but I know my abs feel tighter!  Gotta love that!  I plan to keep doing it twice a week for awhile.

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