Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some more ABCs of Me

A) Apples: I pretty much eat at least one apple per day; add peanut butter it's dessert!

B) Books: I love reading books, it's one of my passions.

C) Cheese: I could eat block after block of cheese.

D) Dolphins: I love dolphins and have dolphin tattoos.  I have a dream of swimming with dolphins, although now that the plight of dolphins in captivity is becoming more well known, I'm not sure I could do it.  I'd have to research a lot first.

E) Eggs: I love eggs in all varieties of ways.  Especially with cheese!

F) Flowers: my favorite is the daisy.

G) Greek yogurt: as in Chobani.  I am a convert and this is the only yogurt I eat; I eat at least 1 per day, sometimes more.

H) Heath: my favorite kind of candy bar.

I) iPhone: I absolutely love my iPod!

J) J and J: my husband and son both have names that start with this letter!!

K) Kitties: I love kittes, I have three, I wish I had more.  I would if they didn't poop and pee.

L) Lasik eye surgery: I had lasik in January 2006 and it was on of the best decisions of my life!

M) Music: I love music and it heals my soul.  I like everything from classical to comtemporary, jazz to heavy metal--okay very little heavy metal.  But I like all genres of music depending on my mood.

N) Nike: I am a Nike runner!  Unfortunately I have ugly Adidas shoes, but I love Nike gear!  Swoosh! 
O) Octopus: something that freaks me out, I do not want to look at them, touch them, and for sure I am not going to eat one!

P) Purple: I love purple, that is a fact!

Q) Quotes: I love inspiring quotes and running quotes and parenting quotes.  Quotes, quotes, quotes.

R) Running: I want to make this my passion; I want to run for life!

S) Scrapbooking: I really enjoy this craft, although I don't make as much time for it as I used to.
T) Traveling: I do not love traveling, but I like it once in awhile.  I love going on cruises, and visiting Disney is my favorite.

U) Umbrella: always in my car when I need it elsewhere.

V) V is the first letter of my last name.

W) Writing: I have always loved writing and have journaled since 1990.  I love using pen & paper, although typing is so much faster and backspace/delete are my friends.

X) Xavier Roberts: the person whose signature was on the Cabbage Patch Kids birth certificate when I was a kid.  I always wondered who this was and I wanted to thank him for my beloved "kids" Mildred Almira and Jessy Lucille.

Y) Yo yo: sometimes I can do this.

Z)  Zzzzz: I love sleeping!!

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  1. Always love learning about these new things, Lori. Some of them I remember (avid book reader and LOVER of purple-anything) but discovered some new things, too!