Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In other shoe news

My perfect and ugly running shoes have been updated and are now available with purple.  Check these out.

Introducing the Adidas Supernova Sequence 4
I love the laces on these, but the orange is kinda bright.  Also love the purple on the heel!
I like the lighter gray of these, but they are kinda plain looking.

And these are my current ugly blue running shoes, the Supernova Sequence 3.
These are my current shoes.

I also have this pair which is kinda better except my feet sweat more in this pair for some reason.

The blue shoes still have a good 100 miles left and the pink have probably 300 so, therefore, it would be just plain crazy to buy new shoes right now.  But they now have purple!!! 

Must. Have. Purple. Shoes.


  1. I think new purple shoes would make an awesome reward for completing a half-marathon!

    Just sayin'....

  2. Too funny! When I just bought my new pair of shoes I was so mad that they first of all were the same color as the ones before, and second because they didn't have them in pink. Silly I know! But I guess I'm not the only one who cares about shoe color! :)

  3. I like having a some color on my running shoes. I like them to pop when I run. Love the purple.