Wednesday, May 11, 2011

That's the wrong waaaaaaay!!!

So, I got on the scale on Monday and I didn't like what I saw.  It was 159 point something.  Horrified!  Today I stepped on the scale and it was 157.4.  That's still a 3.6 pound GAIN for the week, but better than 5+ pounds!

For some reason something isn't clicking with me lately.  Last week was fine even though I wasn't tracking much, but this weekend I seemed to go crazy.  On the whole, weekends seem to be my downfall right now. 

I'm trying to get better with tracking starting today.  I still want to reach my goal, I have not given up.  My efforts might say otherwise, but I really haven't quit.  I plan to see it through.  Just trying to locate my willpower which seems to have flown the coop!


  1. If you happen to see my will power by the side of the road with yours would you send mine home please! I think its something in the air. hang in there!!!

  2. It's all a learning process. Just keep trucking and figuring out what works for YOU. It will click eventually. Promise. :)