Monday, May 23, 2011

Hi there!

First of all, thank you for the kind, kind comments regarding my picture on Thursday.  They all made me feel wonderful!  It makes me think I should update my blog header even more (thanks for the suggestion, Paula!).  I am wearing another white shirt today, but I'll spare you the details because it's a boring polo shirt with my company's logo on the front.  I call it "sporting my school spirit". 

Anyway, I weighed in this morning and wouldn't you know it I weighed over 5 pounds more than I did yesterday!  And yesterday was significantly lower than last Monday's weight.  I'm assuming it was the popcorn (salt) I ate before bed, but instead of focusing on it too much, I'm going to let it go and not record my weight today.  I absolutely cannot stand the effects that salt has on my weight loss (or gain, as the case actually is!)

I wanted to update you on my caffeine/fluid reduction project.  It has now been two weeks since I started this plan and while the reduction part is going fine, the results of it are disappointing.  I cut down to 2 cups of coffee the first three days and then cut down to one.  I am still at one, but this down from 5-7 a day is a huge change.  I also try and only drink 64 ounces of water each day unless I'm super thirsty, and I cut off the liquids around 7pm.  So all that is good.

I'm not keeping a log or anything, but I'm sure that I am in the bathroom just as much, and I am now resigned to the fact that I'll probably log too much time in the porta-potties during my half marathon.  Last Saturday I went for my scheduled 55 minute run and had to come home at the halfway mark to pee!  And it's not like I have to go so bad that I'm dying, it's more that I know if I have to go the stress of running with anything in my bladder will lead to problems, especially if I run any downhills!  It's truly and completely irritating! 

I also don't know if I see a difference in how I feel without the caffeine.  Yesterday I would have said no difference at all, however, this morning made me think I do wake up a little more alert.  Last night I could not get to sleep.  For one, I just wasn't comfortable, and for two, I had to pee too many times (drank too much water after dinner).  When I finally did get to sleep I was awakened a few times in the night, again, to pee.  Arrrgh!  So when my alarm went off at 5:40 I hit snooze.  Then again at 5:49.  Then I turned it off at 5:58 resolved to sleep for another two hours.  But as I laid there I realized that I wasn't all that tired despite my late night and interrupted sleep.  So after about 5 more minutes I got up and headed out for my 35 minute run.  I guess I thought I would be tired so when my alarm when off I told myself I was, but as I thought about it longer I realized I could get up.  A fluke?  I don't know.  Of course reminding myself how I'd have to be running at 9pm if I didn't get up then might have motivated me a little too. 

Anyway, I'm not quitting my project and will continue.  One advantage to limiting caffeine is that I don't have to worry about a caffeine headache.  One thing about morning runs and morning races is that I don't want to drink coffee beforehand to avoid as much liquid as possible, but then I usually end up with a headache if I go too long without.  Not having to worry about such things is definitely a positive side effect of this project.  Although I still miss my coffee.  Coffee in the morning, coffee in the evening, coffee all day long. 

One other quick note, I changed my training schedule just a bit to allow for a rest day this Saturday instead of a long run.  I realized that since I'm running a 5K event on Sunday, I'd rather rest the day before so I switched around my running days this week.  I want to run strong in the 5K race because this particular event was my first one last year so it's kind of a milestone of sorts.  It's been a fun year since that first event and I can't wait to run it again!


  1. How did I miss your gorgeous picture on Friday! Wowza! You look fantastic, girl!

  2. hi there! you know what works for me is hydrating a LOT for two days before a race... and then i don't drink ANYTHING (except for half a cup of coffee) before the race. you should be hydrated enough and then drink maybe an ounce of fluid each mile... little sips throughout the race. that's kept me from having to stop!