Sunday, April 3, 2011

Unwrapped and Three Things and Sciatica

Happy Sunday!

Today I discuss the thing that is a wrap.  In the olden days we used to call them all tortillas, but now there seems to be tortillas and wraps depending on who you are.  For the sake of this post, a tortilla will be those wonderful, yummy, doughy disks of goodness, while the wrap will be a flat, dry piece of cardboard.

I love tortillas!  Love love love!  And the higher the fat, the better.  Soft tacos, burritos, bring 'em!  When I was a kid, if we had soft tacos for dinner one night, the next day we would always get a tortilla smeared with butter folded into a triangle in our lunch.  It was one of my favorite things!

I cannot say the same for that thing which is a wrap.  I have tried several different brands and varieties, whole wheat, whole grain, multi-grain, sun-dried tomato, pesto, etc. and if they are considered healthy in any way, they taste totally disgusting to me.  Like cardboard.  Or they have no taste, just dryness.  Now, I have gone to restaurants and ordered a "wrap" of some kind and they have been wonderful!!  I would thus place them in the tortilla category and count the tortilla itself for at least 10 points.  That's the problem.  3 points wrap: disgusting.  10 points tortilla: glorious. 

So I declare that I am done sampling and trying new varieties of wraps. I no longer wish to waste my money on wraps only to be disappointed. 

*****Okay, now for my three things.

1.  Today I tried yoga!!  I didn't go to a class, but I found something on Exercise TV. It was pretty short, about 22 minutes, but I think it was plenty for my first time out.  It was a gentle flow yoga and I actually did work up a sweat!  It was hard to do what I was supposed to do and keep my eyes on the TV, I can see how a class would help in this aspect because you could always look around the room instead of having to focus on a box.  But once I know the names of the poses, it will probably be easier too.  I'll definitely be doing it again.

2.  I also tried Zumba, again, from exercise TV.  It was only 6 minutes long, but long enough to remind me again how uncoordinated I am.  I'm not scared away, however.  I wonder if Netflix has anything.

3.  I also used my foam roller for the first time!  I bought a Gaiam foam roller a couple months ago, but haven't used it.  Today I tried it out.  I liked using it on my hamstrings and quads, not so much the IT bands.  And I couldn't help but thing of a chicken breast, that if you roll it with a rolling pin, it will tenderize it AND tear it.  I'm not convinced that this activity is beneficial.  I need more data.  I tried watching the video that came with it, but the guy in it totally creeped me out, as in, I could see him in a porno movie with his foam roller.  It was icky and I had to turn it off.

*****Last, but not least:

The sciatica that I've been experiencing constantly for a week or so, feels much better right now, as in I can't feel it.  While I was in church this morning it was definitely there just like it has been.   I'm convinced that it was helped by the stretching and rolling.  Yay!


  1. Aw, I like wraps! I also definitely love tortillas ... I live in the Mexican neighborhood of Chicago and there is a tortilla factory near my apartment - the smell is absolute torture. So yummy!

  2. i love the foam roller at the gym i so plan to get one for hte house

  3. I hate wraps, too! I was cleaning out my freezer and found 3 different kinds because I'd try them and HATE them. I'm done with them as well. I'd rather use a higher point bread or bagel thin.

  4. I've gone through phases where I make my own breakfast wraps. But, if I had my choice, I share the same love of tortillas and tacos as you mentioned. :-)

    Glad to hear the rolling is working for you!!!!