Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This post is long and rambling.

There was no running yesterday.  I didn't get to bed early enough on Sunday night.  I didn't even pretend I might get it done in the evening, although the thought did cross my mind several times.

I was preoccupied with rearranging my office last night and ended up going to bed super late again.  But I told my son before he went to bed that I was going to get up and run in the morning.  I felt like telling him would make it so.  Since I went too bed late, I changed my alarm from 5 to 6 and wouldn't you know my son came in at 5:45 to let me know that I didn't run.  Oh ho, I said, I am getting up at 6:00.  And even though I didn't want to, I did it.  I ran 5K in about 34 minutes.  Slow and steady.  My cable receiver wasn't working so there was no yoga to be had. Boo!  I will hopefully get that worked out later and then will be able to do a quick yoga workout while my son is at soccer practice tonight.

If there's practice, that is.  Can I just say this is the crappiest spring on record?!  We woke up to snow again this morning!  Last night's baseball game was cancelled, that's the 2nd one.  We're going to have so many make up games it's not even funny!  And I just plain need the sun!  Luckily we had a nice weekend, but we're back to rain, snow and sleet this week.  Right now the forecast for Sunday is sunny and 60 degrees.  I will take that for racing weather.  I do not plan to attend the event if it's pouring rain or snowing.  It's just not that big of a deal to me.  My parents have done Bloomsday for more than 25 years in a row so they will be there regardless of Mother Nature's jokes, but I'm sorry to say that I won't.

I posted recently about gadgets and running and I do love me some gadgets!  How did I ever live without a Garmin?  Since then I have been thinking about running with music, which I love, but I started wondering if I can run without music.  And would I like it?  I didn't dare try that on the treadmill last week, but on Friday's run, I headed outside without my iPod.  And do you know what?  I really loved it!  First, I could hear everything around me and I felt more relaxed not worrying about someone or some animal sneaking up on me.  Second, I loved hearing the birds!  This spring has been so awful with rain and snow and cold that I am starting to feel like a hermit crab holed up inside my shell (house).  It was really, really nice to get outside and hear nature, hear my feet hitting the pavement, and hear my own (heavy) breathing.

This morning, I headed down to the mill with my iPod.  I started my easy run listening to my usual running playlist which contains songs by Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Pink, Nickelback, Rick Springfield (yes, I said it) and Maroon 5 among others.  Long about .8 miles into it, I was just annoyed with the music so I parked my iPod on the console and finished out my 3.1 miles sans music.  Honestly, running on the treadmill without music was something I didn't think I could ever do, but I did it, and I enjoyed it. 

This brings me to my "race" on Sunday.  I am considering running sans music.  Or at least planning to--I can always stow my headphones in my running belt just in case (I'll already have my phone).  I keep wondering if I'll be able to do it, run 7.46 miles without stopping, so I don't know if planning to leave my music behind is a good idea or not.  I still have a few days and a couple more runs to think about it.  I can tell you though, the thought of one less thing to worry about when I go running, makes me feel a little free.  And that is so weird because just a couple weeks ago I was convinced that music was a necessary running partner.  And maybe it is, but perhaps we just need to "take some time".  Perhaps I just need more solitude right now.

I can't tell you how excited I am for the Bloomsday Expo!  I haven't been to a race expo before and I can't wait to pick up some new stuff!  One thing I'm on the hunt for is a new running belt.  I need something that doesn't bounce and has an element of water resistance.  I'm have my eye on the ones from iFitness and they'll have a booth at the expo--I just hope they have the purple ones, or the black with purple!  I am also possibly  in the market for a handheld water bottle.  While I do love my hydration belt, I am kind of ready to part ways with it and give a handheld a try.  Not positive on this one, though.  I also plan to pick up some new running socks.  I don't really need anything else, but it will be fun to look around anyway.

Do you love race expos?  Do you use a running belt?  Have you ever used a handheld water bottle?


  1. Have fun at the expo! I have never been to an expo...if weather cooperates, I am running a 5k Saturday morning.

  2. I do love expos! I wear a nathan 4 speed belt and love it!

  3. First of all, I am always in awe of people who can exercise early in the morning. Secondly, you can totally run sans iPod... I have to run my half w/o one on Sunday, but it does go by fast, even without music. Third, YES this spring sucks! Still snow/rain mix in my part of the world, too!

  4. I want a Garmin! If I get a good new job, that will be my present to myself. :) I like the idea of running without an iPod, it's something I am thinking about trying for my next big race. There was an expo at my last race, it was cool - lots of great stuff, and I found out about a ton more local races coming up! Enjoy it!