Monday, April 4, 2011

Running Against the Elements is Brutal

It is so windy here lately and still fairly cold.  Running in it really isn't that fun.  Is that why running is so hard lately?  Is that why I am looking for Forrest to tell me I'm nearly done when I've still got over half way to go?  And of course I know I still have a long ways to go since I usually run the same route on Mondays.  I'm ready for warm temperatures, I'm ready to wear less clothes when I run outside, and and I'm just plain ready for sunshine.

As aside note, why must so many clothes be so tight and uncomfortable?  I have bought a couple hoodies lately, you know the zip-up sweatshirts with a hood.  I bought two Adidas ones at Costco and a Nike one from Sports Authority and they are all so uncomfortable.  What happened to the comfort of cotton, the stretchiness of cotton?  It's like you put them on and they fit, but if you want to move your arms or do anything else, there is just no give to the fabric at all.  It's not a sizing thing either, it's that the fabric will not stretch.  Ugh, I just want a sweatshirt that I can move around in.


  1. I know it is so windy here to. Yesterday it was 87 today is in the 40's. I'm kind of getting sick of the weather.

  2. Here's wishing you nicer weather, it is a major de-motivator, blech!