Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Legends of the Fall

My favorite movie of all time is Legends of the Fall.  I have mentioned this before (here and here.) I saw this movie for the first time in the theater back when it was released, and by now I have seen this movie more times than I can count; it's definitely in the hundreds.  I remember during one semester of college when I was taking only a math class while working full time.  Every Sunday, without fail, I would watch Legends of the Fall while doing my weekly homework.  Now I have this movie on my iPhone so that I can turn it on whenever I want to.  Sometimes if I can't sleep, a little dose of Tristan will be just the thing I need to send me off to dreamland.

They released a special edition of the movie which practically made me froth at the mouth, but then I found out it was only a few seconds of extra footage during the movie which only consisted of an extra sunrise.  I wanted more Tristan!  There were, however, some deleted scenes which kind of put a few parts of the movie into clearer perspective so that was nice.
This scene is not in the movie.
Every time I watch the movie, I wish for a different ending.  I cannot accept the fact that Tristan and Susannah don't end up together.  My favorite movie line of all time is when Susannah visits Tristan in jail and says to him, "I still sometimes dream that I am the mother of your children."  I have to keep from screaming at the TV "I wish that too!"  Seriously, I might have a sickness.  Why did Tristan marry Isabelle Two and have children with her?!  Why did Susannah and Alfred have to get married?!  My favorite scene from the movie is when Tristan comes riding up over the hill with all the horses.  You might say that I'm a little infatuated with Brad Pitt in that scene.  Okay, in that whole movie.  Okay, pretty much in general.  (As long as I don't think about him being with Angelina Jolie, that is.  I still don't accept that he and Jennifer Aniston are divorced.  It seems I have acceptance issues.)

I'm telling you about my love of this movie today so you'll understand how awesome my run was this morning.  I finally hooked a DVD player up to my treadmill TV and decided my inaugural movie/run should absolutely include Legends of the Fall!!  I started the day with 4 easy miles AND Tristan Ludlow!  Now, that is what I call a great start!

What is your favorite movie?  Have you ever watched it while running?


  1. Wow - you are really hooked on that movie!

    I still cannot accept that Brad Pitt is with Angelina Jolie rather than Jennifer Aniston, either. (I suppose I understand her appeal to men - she looks and acts like a "bad girl"...but I like Jennifer Aniston - someone who seems/looks like a nicer person.)

    It'd be funny to imagine Jolie and Aniston in the female roles of that movie!

    I'd love to have my own treadmill/TV/DVD set-up...I have no idea of what I'd watch - probably Sex and the City re-runs or When Harry Met Sally - I love the quirky humor.

  2. OMG you hear you sister!!!
    My favorite scene? i need to pick two sorry! 1) when the brothers leave for war ...the way he gets ON teh horse!! 2) the scene were he and samuel talk about making love. okay okay i just like the part where he says "I recommend F--king") omg you have me foaming at the mouth! now i need to see the movie again

  3. You are hilarious with that movie! I remember you even mentioning this in one of my comments a LONG time ago.

    And I hear you on the Angelina Jolie thing. Him and Jen were so cute together. I hope she finds someone awesome and has cuter babies than Brad. THAT will show him!

  4. I love that movie too! So sad though! "Forever turned out to be too long." :(

    I think it's the best Brad has ever looked.

  5. I think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are like Tristan and Isabel in the movie. There is something untamed about Angelina Jolie (just as with Isabel) that Brad Pitt (just as with Tristan) needs to form a stable union. Brad and Jen, like Tristan and Susanna, are too much polar opposites. They are something like a fairytale, but in reality you need a little bit of you in your partner. You can't be all wild and she all saint.