Thursday, March 24, 2011

I hope I look back and laugh.

Yesterday and lately have been difficult days in mommyland.  Since I am a worrier, it's hard for me not to worry about every little thing.   Someday I hope I can look back at these days and laugh (and I hope to God it's not because I'm experiencing something way worse) because right now I feel completely lost.  I keep telling myself the only thing I can do is the best I can, but secretly I'm wishing this kid came with a damn manual!  Luckily I have the support of my husband who is the level headed one, and he will help me get through all this in one piece.

All the stress did lead me to the treadmill last night so score one for the mommy.  This was my first run with Forrest and my foot pod on the treadmill.  My cadence was the same as an outdoor run, but the speed was more than a whole minute faster which made the distance way off.  I didn't think I'd need to calibrate it since I used it first on an outdoor run, but perhaps I need to after all.  I'm too type A to let it go, but I wish I could just rock the 9:28 average pace and pretend it's real.  No can do.

Several bloggers I know are going for a 100 day chip.  It all started on Twitter I think, but basically it's 100 days of doing your stuff right, at least that's what I'm taking it to mean.  I've decided to do my own little 100 day challenge, in fact I consider this day 4 of my challenge.  Who knows, I could reach my goal weight within these 100 days.  The world is my oyster in 100 days and I'm off to a great start. And if I slip up, I'll start over the next day.  In my book "doing things right" means eating on plan and exercising at least 4 times a week.  I still want to get up to 5-6, but 4 is minimum.  So if by the end of a week (Sunday for me) I haven't exercised at least four times...FAIL.  If I go over my weekly points allotment...FAIL.  This will mean I have to start over.  100 days to 100 pounds?  Hmmm, time will tell.

100 days = March 21-June29 (must think of catchy title for this challenge)

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  1. If kids came with a manual they'd just end up reading the thing and reprogramming themselves. ;) Hopefully things will ease up for you. When I think back on some of the things I worried about with my kids a few years ago, I can now see that it wasn't worth the aggrivation and was minor in the long run. Of course you could NOT have told me that for anything at the time - hahhaa.

    I've never used my Garmin with the treadmill (mostly because I'm too cheap/broke to buy the part needed for it). I just use the time & distance on the treadmill and calculate the pace with an online calculator.

  2. You can do this, Lori! I have heard about these 'chips' but had no idea what they were!