Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to Enjoy an Orange: A Pictorial

I'm not a food blogger and I don't play one on TV--or this blog.  What I am is someone who likes to enjoy my food, bite for bite, without a lot of preparation and fuss!  I present you with what I have found is the best way to prepare and eat an orange.  I'm 36 years old and I have finally learned to enjoy these juicy wonders and I'm thrilled!  A good orange is awesome, after all, but what isn't awesome is peeling it and getting that orangy-white stuff under your fingernails--and even a biter like me walks away from peeling an orange with orange fingernails.  And there is nothing worse than peeling one only to find out it's nasty and/or dried out.  All that work for nothing!

Enter the Cara Cara orange.  I have yet to have one of these oranges that wasn't just the best thing ever!  Now you might be thinking that I'm going to just cut the orange, peel and all, instead of peeling it.  Well, you'd be partially right. 

I am going to cut it, but I'm going to cut it into super thin slices!!

Then just for you I arranged it on a plate.  I added the bananas just for a fruity picture!

And then when you eat the lovely slices, you just tear the peel and the juicy orange practically falls right off.  It's awesome!  Unlike when you cut the oranges into wedges, there is no gnawing the orange off the peel like an animal.  It is all just delicious, delicate, juicy slices of orange with barely any mess, and definitely no juice running off your chin!

I really enjoyed it and didn't leave any for you.  Sorry, you'll have to get your own.  (Another tip: I like to toss the peel into my garbage disposal for a little added kitchen fragrance!  I hardly use my disposal but I do like to destroy a citrus peel or two)

So there you have it!  My favorite way to eat an orange, the method that finally brought me back in touch with a fruit I love.

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  1. Makes perfect sense to me! Plus, it's more bites, so it takes longer to eat. (I'm trying to slow down when I eat.....makes me eat less when I do.)

  2. I never ate oranges until last year. But I have to cut them in wedges....:) Also my new favs are the tangelo's! Mmmmm!