Monday, March 28, 2011

Food: Fitness: Fun

Okay, first, did anyone notice how freakishly small my arm looked in that last picture?  Trust me, it is not that small.  It was the digital zoom on Forrest which made my arm look like a toon arm.

Anyways, I'm happy to report a loss of 2.2 pounds for the week bringing me (back) down to 154.4.  I had an amazing week last week so I'm hoping to keep the forward momentum!!  Here's the deets on my food, fitness and fun!

Food: All seven days I stuck to plan and did not indulge in any junk, even by counting the points.  All good, healthy, whole foods.

Fitness: I logged 4 runs which was 14.66 miles.  I'm still having a bit of an issue with my Garmin Foot Pod, however, so that could be overstated by about 1.5 miles.  Whatever, I know I had the minutes in anyway.  I tried calibrating it Saturday morning on the treadmill, but I got the lovely message "Calibration failed".  I'm about ready to give up, but I'm not sure I can return it at this point so I guess I have to keep working on it. 

Fun:  I completed my 2006 scrapbook!  Woot woot!  I also have photos for 2007 through 2009 on pages so all that's left is journaling, titles, and putting those suckers into albums.  In my vein to simplify (and get caught up), I have gone back to the basics with regard to scrapbooking.  Lots of photos with lots of journalling.  Isn't that really all you need?  I also completed a couple other outstanding To Dos on the home list.

As you can see, with regard to food, fitness and fun, my week went really, really well!!

In other news, I am possibly embarking on the half marathon train soon. My friend and I might sign up to participate the Seattle RnR together!! If so, this would be a planned run/walk event because neither of us is ready to run the entire thing, although adrenaline could kick in and surge us forward. I think it would be awesome to stick together regardless of whether we run or walk.  The Seattle RnR is at 85% capacity right now so there is still a bit of time to decide. It's the money, friends. I just don't know about spending the money and all that jazz. We're supposed to be connecting about it soon to hammer out details.

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  1. jealous that you are that far along on your scrapbooks! i need a girls weekend where I bust out some pages

  2. Check you out getting your miles in finally. I bet you're loving that! Psh...February can suck it. March is here! :-)

  3. I actually had a dream about your giveaway! LOL Maybe that means I am going to win :)

  4. I bet you're more prepared to run a half than you think! You're doing an amazing job. :-)

  5. Congrats on the 2.2!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've heard stories about how "off" a treadmill can be.

    The RnR would be a "friend", you're running, which you enjoy. I say go for it! :-)