Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Change: Two Kinds

One of the most beloved things in my life is Starbucks!  I love love love it!  Today they are 40 years old and to celebrate they have changed their logo.  Now all my Starbucks mugs and merchandise is outdated!  Or maybe it's a classic.  Why must they change things on me?  I'm not in love with this new logo, however, it might just be a change that I have to get used to.  I prefer the old logo because it has the words included and the siren is much smaller.  I don't love the siren anyway so now that it's all about the siren I'm just not sure about it.  But I can tell you that my morning Americano tasted just as yummy from a cup with this new logo so that is a relief!  What say you blogosphere?  Like?  Dislike?

Another kind of change is the money kind, as in coins!  I rarely use cash and when I do, I even more rarely use coins.  I hate standing their counting it out so I'd rather just pay with a full dollar and get more change back.  Because I receive more change than I spend, I always empty it out of my wallet into my coin bank.  I decorated a quart size paint can to be used for spare change (are you as suprised as me there isn't a trace of purple on it?) and yesterday it was near full so I took it to the bank.  It had $98.12 in it!  Now that's the kind of change I can get used to.  Do you save your change?

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  1. Hmmmmm.......I'm torn with the new logo. It's kinda cool though.

    We keep our spare change in a 5 gallon Pyrex jar my hubby...acquired...during his college years spent in science labs. :-)

  2. I hate to be like older people who say that everything was 'better back when' but I think I'm getting that way. Why change things when they were fine to begin with? (oh my, that did make me sound old!)
    I save change, too. Except I can never get to the bank. Thanks for the reminder, Lori!

  3. I'm sure I'll get used to the new logo. As long as it has Starbucks coffee in it, I'm good. I try to be good about tipping at Starbucks, so there goes my change! (as long as it's not so small as to be an insult)