Monday, February 7, 2011

While I Was Sleeping

I didn't let myself get completely sick last week.  I couldn't.  I missed running, but I could not miss work.  I knew I was even going to have to work a full day on Friday, my usual day off.  So I felt miserable, but I muscled through. 

Until Friday night.

Friday night I drove straight home from work, went to bed, and did not surface again until this morning.  Well, I did emerge a few times for food and power cords for my various electronics, but I stayed in bed all weekend.  What a waste!  While I would love to spend the weekend in bed just for the fun of it, coughing my brains out until my head feels like it will explode and my ab muscles are more sore than after any of Jillian's workouts is not my idea of a perfect weekend in bed!  Actually I could have used another day in bed today, but again, had to work.  Don't you love it when you're at the office and you start coughing your head off, can't stop, start choking then gagging, sound like you're dying, all the while you have someone sitting in your office because you're supposed to be training them.  And to top it off that person is also afraid of germs.  Yeah, good times.

You know what else is a good time?  Bladder control after pregnancy/childbirth with the cough from hell heck.  Yepper, that's fun.


I subscribe to the theory that you FEED a cold.  And my cold craved salt and carbs which was weird because my throat was already dry enough.  You'd think a couple sleeves of Saltines would not be on the list of eats, but sadly, they were.  And peanut butter sandwiches.  And really bad sodium filled chicken noodle soup which reminded me of my childhood and I inhaled anyway.  And cereal with milk, there were a few bowls of that.

After all that, I managed to maintain my weight this week.  Not one tenth of a pound gained or lost.  I'll take it.  I ran once last week.  Today officially marks the longest I've gone without running since I started C25K last February.  I wish I could care, but my head hurts too much to think much about.

I'm going back to bed now and will continue watching the silliest show ever, The Secret Life of the American Teenager.  Thank goodness for Netflix which allows me to watch such enjoyable trash!!  I tell you I would never want actual teenagers to watch this show, but as an adult, I'm finding it quite addicting.  And who doesn't love Molly Ringwald?

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