Friday, February 11, 2011

The Sickness Diet

This morning I weighed 151.2 (ha! I first typed 121.2!  I wish!).  While I love seeing these numbers, I know it's just the effect of eating hardly anything over the past couple of days.  Give me a weekend and I'll see the pounds creep back on.  Or maybe not.

It has now been 10 full days since my last run.  TEN DAYS!!  I am starting to care about this, but I am afraid that today will be day 11.  Yesterday was so beautiful outside and I did have a slight desire to get out there and run.  But then I coughed and blew my nose and that desire went away quickly.

Today will be filled with sleep again (I hope).  I do think I am on the mend, but I had a terrible night of (no) sleep last night so I will be catching up today.  Right after I get my work done.  Why can't my reports get ready already?!

Anyway, I don't recommend this sickness diet.  I hope it doesn't catch any of you!  Or at least any more of you.


  1. I'm so sorry you feel bad. Sending a ton of hugs and cyber chicken soup your way! *Hugs*

  2. You'll be back to it in no time!!!!!!!!! I was finally able to get back to it today, and it felt great. Don't push yourself, when you're ready, you'll know! And it will be fabulous!!! :-)

  3. No good! Feel better soon Lori.

  4. I am recovering from the stomach bug that started on Sunday. It off set my binge eating while on our trip last weekend putting be down a net 2 pounds. I am hoping to keep it off!! good luck to you.

  5. Hope you feel better soon Lori! Start running when you think you can - I have a hunch it will speed your recovery.