Friday, February 18, 2011

I Think I am not a Gym Person

For months now I've been agonizing over the Y membership I have been paying for since July.  Keep it?  Dump it?

Dump it.

Wait, no, keep it.

No, I think I'll dump it. 

I'm just not using it.  I just don't think I am a gym person.  I want to be.  I love the concept of getting up, getting out the door, carrying around my awesome Nike bag, working out with those like minded individuals and feeding off their momentum.  That all sounds wonderful.

But sadly it appears that it's just not me, at least for now.  Going to the gym adds about a half an hour (at least) to my already packed life. I mean I need time to read my Kindle and eat snacks don't you know?  Right now, fitting in exercise is getting harder and harder.  I'm still trying to change my workout schedule to morning (although February is clearly a bust) and adding in extra commute time for a gym trip just isn't happening.  It feels like too much.  I'm sure you saw the writing on the wall.  I kind of did too, but I wanted to give it a bit more effort before admitting it.

Once at the gym, I like it, even love it.  I've got my awesome bag, I'm awake when I get there (as opposed to stumbling to my basement half asleep), I get my run on and finish up with some ab work.  I admire the people around me while I sweat it out.  We're all there for a common good.  Life is swell.   And then I gather my stuff from the locker room and go home.

(Side note: I have a serious pet peeve when it comes to a gym locker room.  What is with the women who feel it's okay to parade around in the nude for all to see?  Seriously.  If you're one of these women, I don't mean to offend you, but you offend me!  Put some clothes on, a wrap, a towel, something.  I do not want to see your butt and boobs while you're blow drying your hair.  I honestly admire the confidence some of these women have, but I still think they need to cover up and consider the rest of us.  It's a public place, not their house!  Obviously since I'm just in the locker room to change my shoes and put my coat and pants on, I don't linger too long, but it's long enough for an eyeful.)

Anyway, while annoying, nudity is not the reason I'm cancelling the membership.  The 15-20 minutes to drive there, the 15-20 minutes home, and all for the use of a treadmill which I happen to have in my basement doesn't feel worth it.  I wanted to take a yoga class but haven't done it.  I just think it's best to stop the automatic monthly draft and say goodbye to the gym, at least for now. Cha-ching!  $76 added back to the budget.   After all, it will be warming up and I will be able to run outside.  I would never, ever choose a gym treadmill over that.

I wanted to post this so that you know I am a normal person who struggles.  I make decisions, I change my mind, I'm fickle.  I'm trying to find my fitness and exercise groove. Someday I might go back to the gym or I might not.  My goal is to keep running, and for now it won't be at the gym.


  1. If it wasn't for meeting my sister at the gym for strength training, I don't think I'd stick with going as much as I do. I didn't go ONCE during last year's outside running season. Hopefully, by spring, I'll be set in my ways of going a couple times a week, and it will stick even when I'm running outside regularly. :-)

  2. I hear you - despite my best attempts, I never seem to stick to gym memberships for long. There are many ways to get exercise for free on my own schedule.

  3. At my old gym is was always the older women who paraded around naked. I'm talking old blue-haired ladies. I was shocked!