Saturday, January 29, 2011

Simplifying and Minimizing Part 2

Last month I posted about how I think our lives are too complicated and that I wanted to simplify my life

The first thing I focused on with regard to technology was whether Facebook was worthwhile or necessary.  My conclusion is that it's neither and I'm keeping it anyway but using it differently.  I want to make it clear that I am not a person who spends hours on Facebook nor do I update my status every 20 minutes and share every mundane detail of my life.  I have been known to read status updates from others, comment, then read the comments that come after mine, sometimes commenting again.  For what?  Not much.

So I went through my Facebook "news feed" and hid everyone and everything that does not relate to my daily life.  I also quit reading Facebook on a daily basis.  Sometimes if I'm watching TV I'll check in with people a bit.  I also use it for sending messages to my friends or just saying hi.  I'm happy with this change.

As a side note, you will never see a Facebook page for this blog.  I honestly don't see the point and it would just be something else I have to update.  And Twitter?  No way, I definitely won't go there.  That's just my personal opinion and I how I feel about those things for me.  I only want one place to update and keep track of and that's this blog.

For my next simplification, I will be removing a couple gadgets from the blog sidebar.  I use the Nike+ iPod system for keeping track of my runs.  I love this little system and recently started using the Nike+ GPS app for iPhone to track my outdoor runs which is even more fun because then I can look back at the running course.  Unfortunately, the Nike+ website doesn't provide any gadgets or widgets for your blog so I've been using Daily Mile to share the information.  This means I have to update Nike+ and sync the information with Daily Mile in order the share it on the blog.  Not a huge deal, or even time commitment, and it's been something I've liked having on the sidebar.  I've even gained a few friends on the Daily Mile site.  But I've decided going to dump it anyway.  One less thing.

I've also decided to remove the weight tracking gadget from My Fitness Pal.  Again, it's one less thing I need to update, one less app on my  iPhone.

The simplifying plans I have are not just about technology.  I also want to reduce the amount of stuff and clutter in other areas of my life too.  These include but aren't limited to:

Craft supplies

I'm a fairly clutter free person and it bothers me to have anything out of control or complicated so I look forward to cleaning up some other things soon.


  1. Every now and then, I take time off of Facebook and other technology - it's so easily overwhelming. Every four to six months or so, I avoid it completely for at least a month, and try to focus on brain food instead of brainless feeds. ♥

  2. These changes totally make sense. I think it's easy to forget to ask *why* we do some of the things we do, especially with technology. I went to a more "minimalist" approach with my blog over Thanksgiving, and I really like it. Plus, it's simplified things, like your changes have for you.

  3. I check into FB every once and a while, but rarely spend more than 5-10 minutes a day...if that.

    I do use the Nike+, Daily Mile, and now I've added the Garmin website. Once the weather starts cooperating, I'll be running outside with my Garmin most of the time, so the Nike+ syncing will be reduced and my Garmin will upload directly to Daily Mile, so I won't have to double enter the same information....thank goodness! :-)

    Simplifying life is the smallest ways make the biggest difference though, I completely agree!!!