Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Negative Nelly

Why do I gravitate towards the negative?  Why do I latch on to that which is sad or tragic? 

I need to stop this for fear of losing my mind!!

I have briefly mentioned my struggle with depression and anxiety.  It's not something I like to go into depth on for a couple reasons.  1) I'm not sure how much of that stuff I really want public, and 2) I don't know who is reading this blog [see item 1].  But I do feel like that part of me contributes to a lot of my weight issues so it cannot be completely ignored here.

I am prone to SADness at this time of year.  Even the happiest people can be affected by the darkness so it's no wonder that long about mid-January and February I am usually at my lowest of lows.  This year is a bit different because I feel so much better about myself than I have in years past.  I feel more fit and more healthy and I am exercising, even if it's not as often as I'd like.  But the dark days are still getting to me now.

Just this morning I spent time reading someone's blog who is going through a tough time, then I searched out other information she mentioned, and the next thing I know I'm feeling really down.  That type of thing is so detrimental to my mental health and I know this.  So why do I do it?  I finally took charge, closed the browser window, and now I am trying to get all that nastiness out of my mind. 

Today I am working at home for one purpose: so I can run outside at lunch time.  I need to get out there and run.  The treadmill just doesn't give me that same release that the fresh air can give.  The sun is shining today and I cannot wait to feel it on my face.  I know that getting out there will help me feel better and chase away some of these winter blues.  And as long as I stay away from the negative stuff, I will be doing much better this afternoon than I am this morning.


  1. I am prone to SAD this time of year as well and have a hard time remaining positive. Good for you for closing the browser!

  2. I suffer from SAD every year. And each year it seems to get worse, I'm guessing it gets worse as I get older.

    My weight loss has come to a grinding halt, but I'm maintaining. And I'm going to keep maintaining until Spring. Then, when it starts getting lighter out, I'll start losing again...I have no doubt.

    This last week I've decided to do three things...
    1) sleep more - my body wants to, so I may as well give in and not fight it
    2) get as much sunshine as I can on the weekends
    3) Smile and laugh. You can never do those things too much!! :-)

    Just remember, you're not alone. You're a strong woman and you can get through it!!!!!

  3. You are not alone Lori...hope your run brightens your day!

  4. ((((HUGS)))) to you, Lori. I think a lot of people suffer with SAD this time of year. (My husband does). I'm sending a ton of positive light nd prayers your way. I hope you start feeling better soon.

  5. Good for you for taking charge and closing that browser. You are definitely not alone. I get in such a lazy funk this time of year. I wish I had half your motivation. :)
    Hang in there.