Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nasty Habit

I bite my fingernails.  Seriously.  It's disgusting and absolutely detest how my nails look, yet I still do it.  I go through at least one haitus a year when I stop biting and my nails start growing.  They look pretty good, I polish them with Nail Envy or get a manicure, but then one breaks and I'm back at it.  Terrible, nasty habit!  My son has this habit too.  I'm convinced he will be without fingernails on a couple fingers by the time he's a teenager!

Today is about sharing.


  1. I used to have this habit. Then I found a really good manicurist who kept me on track. Every time I went more than 2 weeks my nails would inevitably break or one would start chipping...and I start biting again. Having a good mani always stopped me from biting!