Monday, December 20, 2010

Week Starts on Monday

Hi everyone,

I have decided to change my weigh in day from Tuesday to Monday.  I had planned to change a while ago, but after WW launched their new plan, they weren't allowing changes for a couple weeks.  Today I was able to make the change on their system.

I was scared to weigh this morning based on the week I had, but it all seemed to turn out okay.  See for yourself.

It's funny how even though I logged a gain the prior to weeks, this week's weigh in brings me the message "you're losing too quickly."  A small glitch in the WW online tracking system.  I wonder how many people actually click that link under the question "How do I stop losing too fast?"  I'm pretty sure I never would.

Anyway, I lost what I gained over the past two weeks and another 1.2 pounds making my total loss 81 pounds.  I'll take it!  This gives me extra incentive to really "Toe the Line" all week, right through Christmas.  I logged a loss for Thanksgiving; can I do the same for Christmas?

19 pounds away from my goal now!!