Sunday, December 19, 2010

Toeing the Line but I Stubbed my Toe

I had grandiose plans of strictly following my plan this week and getting in all my runs.  The number one goal being to lose the weight I've gained the last two weeks.  I feeling like I started the week off great, but for some reason it's gone to hell the past few days.

All was going well until Thursday when I had Olive Garden for lunch.  I didn't do terribly, but I did eat both the bread sticks and I just didn't need those!  And then after I got home, I ate chips again.  No cheese this time, but chips nonetheless. 

Friday was going along great.  After my terrific run, I ate light and didn't overdo it on anything.  BUT then my husband and I had a date to go Christmas shopping which inevitably involved dinner out and bam! I ate too much.  Chips, salsa, cheese enchiladas, rice and beans!  Seriously, why couldn't I have at least ordered just one enchilada?!  And eaten less chips?!

Yesterday started out okay, but didn't turn out incredibly swell either.  I made lasagna for dinner and didn't go overboard, but I had 4 rolls with it and they all had butter.  Seriously!  Then last night I ate the real popcorn that I love at 11:00 at night!

Today I have plans to do better, and I have plans to run.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  Wish me luck and willpower because I seem to need both these days.


  1. Sometimes I find it hard to get back on track, especially when I'm stressing out about getting back on track. I always try to treat each new day like a fresh start, and look as it as a chance to start over and get myself back on track. Your week sounds like my week last week. I was hoping for calmer things this week but I just realized I'll be having lunch out on Tuesday, Dinner on Wednesday and Breakfast on Friday! Oh dear I think I should hit that treadmill today!

  2. I'm trying to lose these last 10 or so pounds....and it's killing me. I lost so much, I've done so well.....and now finding the motivation to eat better is getting the best of me. :-)