Monday, December 27, 2010

Simplifying and Minimizing Part 1

As we approach 2011, I have been thinking about the goals I'm setting for the year.  As I mentioned I am keeping things simple and not planning anything specific besides getting to goal and continuing to run.

I truly think our lives are too complicated.  For some, this helps them thrive.  Others get bogged down in the details.  And still others just adapt and go with the flow.  I am one that prefers the simple life.  I like technology, but I don't want it running my life.  I love my iPod and my computer, my iPhone and my Kindle.  I'm glad for things like Blogspot, email, and Facebook.  However, in the vein of simplifying, I'm wondering if it's all necessary. 

Mainly is Facebook necessary?  What do I use it for?  Let's see, I have 127 "friends".  Of those, about 3 are close friends I see regularly, 3 are family, about 35 are from a mommies group I joined when I was pregnant with my son, 12 are coworkers, and the rest are people from high school.  Over half are people from high school that I don't talk to regularly, don't correspond with ever, and wouldn't approach if I saw them in a store.  Yet, I still have them as "friends", still read about their lives and look at pictures of their families.  What for?

So I ask myself, is Facebook really necessary or is it just another time waster?  It's not as if I don't have better things to do.  I have a husband, a son, I love reading, I like blogging, I like emailing with friends.  I even like calling friends, but who has time for that what with all the other complications of life?  ha ha!  Does anyone else think things like email and Facebook enable us introverts to climb further into ourselves and become even more unsociable? 

Anyway, as part of my plans to simplify I have been thinking about dumping Facebook.  It's not as if I spend hours a day on there, but I have spent my fair share of time spying into other people's lives for no important reason.  Course I guess you could argue and say that's what blogging is too, well except for the "no important reason" part. ;-)  From reading blogs I feel like I actually gain something, lots of things, inspiration, motivation, good recipes, food ideas, product recommendations, all kinds of good stuff.  From Facebook I've gained hurt feelings, jealous thoughts, and irritation many times.  Sure, I've been able to keep up on the details of my coworker's baby who at 5 months old is still in the hospital, and I get to see pictures of actual friends and their families that I wouldn't ordinarily get to see, and I've also seen lots of cute videos of children and pets doing funny things.  But I can't figure out if that makes it worth it or not.  I'm actually leaning more towards not.

I'm not really looking for advice or even opinions, although if you want to share your thoughts, feel free.  I'm just voicing my thoughts on some more ideas for changes and improvements in 2011.  I absolutely love a new year!


  1. Lori, great post. Simplifying is so important. I'm trying to do that myself. I never got on FB, but I do keep way too much "stuff" and am too easily distracted on-line. This week I'm uncluttering as a start. Looking forward to part 2.

  2. I have quite a few friends that are dumping Facebook for the new year. For the same reasons you state, in fact. I'm on it about, oh.....1 minute a day, if I'm not too worried about it. There are actually people I don't get to see, that I talk to.

    Bring on 2011!!!!

  3. Ah, Facebook. I've been on there since 2008. Since the summer, I slacked off a bit and since beginning my blog in September I quit cold turkey and I don't miss it one bit. I simply put my focus into my blog because I'm a terrible multi-tasker and couldn't do both. Plus, I feel like I'm more 'friends' with my blog buddies than half of who I'm friends with on FB!