Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Run Outside

I was so excited about my run yesterday I wanted to post right afterwards, but unfortunately I got involved with other activities and didn't get to it.  Some of the "high" has worn off, but I still wanted to post about it because it was really great.  It was my first outdoor run since November 20th!

The day started out lazy as Fridays tend to, but I finally got my arse out of bed.  I drank a bunch of coffee and then decided I would run outside in the sunshine.  The streets have been cleared of snow with the warmer temps so I felt confident that the ice danger would be low.

The sun was magnificent!  I actually felt warm, nothing cold except my nose, but luckily my neck gaitor works beautifully.  I wore two layers on my legs and three on my arms, plus a Bondi Band on my ears, gloves, and the neck gaitor.  It was the first time wearing my ugly new shoes outside and they performed great!  I have been enjoying the shoes and using them for every run.  My leg is not 100%, but it feels quite a bit better.

I was thinking this as I ran (it's kinda corny, but I wanted to share it anyway):

Today is about the run
And getting out to enjoy the sun
While my legs carry me
To the place where I feel free

Aside from the potty break at around 20 minutes, I stayed out for about an hour.  I completed a 5 minute warm up walk and then ran for 5 miles.  It was really awesome to feel the sun and breeze on my face.  There is nothing like it.  I didn't go out with a distance goal, or a pace goal, or any other goal except to run as far and as long as I could without freezing my tookus off.  And it ended up being one of my best runs to date.  Go figure!  I'll have to keep that in mind as I endure the treadmill in the coming days because today the snow came back, and the streets have turned white again.


  1. Sometimes the right attitude can make all the difference. Way to get out there and enjoy the sun!

  2. A run just to goals except to enjoy yourself. Priceless!!!!