Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Quick Check-In for Tuesday

I like to post my weigh in every Tuesday even if I don't get to brag about a loss.  So here I am to tell you I gained .2 last week!  I really don't know how.  It was my first week on the new WW plan and I did only run three times (13 miles).  I used all my weekly points and all but two of my activity points.  Clearly that is a combination for gaining.  Had my official weigh in been yesterday I could have posted a .4 loss, but as it happens, it's a .2 gain.  I can't beat myself because I didn't go off plan, I can only go forward and plan differently.  I think this week I will avoid using the activity points and see if that that helps.  I'll have to earn the activity points first, of course.  I have not run since Friday!  I do feel guilty about that and I am beating myself up over it, but I still don't think that is why I have a gain for the week.  I do plan to get in some running this week, but I'm trying to rest my knee for a few days.  For that reason, this week could be my lowest mileage yet.  Time will tell.

Like many of you, I'm working on my 2011 goals with regard to diet and exercise.  I've been thinking about mileage goals and distance goals, race goals and speed goals, and of course, weight goals.  Then I decided that I want simple attainable goals.  Nothing lofty or complicated.  I'll be sharing what I come up with later this week.

Re: Julie/Julia project. I'm still thinking about this. I think it would be so super fun, yet I can't come up with anything that interests me yet. I want it to be something unrelated to diet and exercise because I want it to be something more easily controlled, and most of all fun.  Here's some of my ideas:
  • Scrapbooking a certain number of pages in the year
  • Reading Jane Austen's classic books
  • Weekly cooking project
  • Picture a day
 Anyone else planning a project a la Julie/Julia?


  1. Don't be discouraged! Your body might have to get used to the new eating plan. And a 0.2 gain is better than a 1+ gain! Hang in there!

  2. Looking forward to reading your goals for the new year...I am trying to decide on mine too :)

  3. I vote for the Jane Austen project. Because I am a nerd, and I've read all of her books. :o)

  4. I love Jane Austen books!

    I wouldn't be discouraged by the gain. Weight fluctuates so much from day to day. I'm sure tomorrow you'll lose!