Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just Drink More Water

I actually love water.  I must have water near me at all times.  I cannot stand being thirsty.  I actually get a little anxious if I forget my water bottle.  When I hear about people having trouble getting enough water because they don't like it, I cannot relate.  I prefer water over anything else!  Even coffee.  And I love me some coffee!

I do drink a lot of coffee.  I can drink coffee from morning to night without issue, especially in winter.  I usually have coffee before a shower in the morning; thank goodness for the Keurig!  I can also drink coffee right up until bedtime and have no trouble sleeping (except for the inevitable peeing).  I just love coffee; good, strong, black coffee.  I'm pretty sure that drinking a gallon of coffee per day is not a good idea.  5 to 6 cups can't be that bad, though.  But by always having water near me, I tend to drink less coffee automatically.  And that's easier than just trying to drink less.  I also have a rule that I can have no Diet Coke, another drink I love, until I've had at least 64 ounces of water.  My coworkers think I'm strange.

Some people say drinking water will help fill you up so you eat less.  That doesn't work for me, though.  Excuse me, but how does DRINKING a tasteless beverage make me want to EAT less yummy food???  Answer: it does not.  But drinking water does make me drink less of the other stuff that's maybe not as healthy if only for the fact that I can only drink so much in one day.  After all, I do not want to be up all night peeing.  Peeing in the night messes with my sleep!  And I love sleep more than water, coffee and Diet Coke combined!

What about you? Love water? Hate water?


  1. I love water and while I don't think it specifically causes weight loss, if I'm not drinking enough water, chances are I'm not being healthy, either. Likewise, I loves me some good strong coffee! Too much, I know. But I do drink it black, so it's probably not too bad for me if I don't have TOO much. As for DC, I had a huge DC habit and I stopped about four (?) months ago and haven't had any since. Don't even want. Don't know if it's bad for you, but it can't be good for you and it's nice saving two bucks every time I eat out.

  2. If I'm outside working on a hot day...water is ok. Otherwise, I'm not a fan. If I drink straight water when working out, it upsets my stomach something fierce. Although, if I add a flavor packet (crystal light pure) to it, my stomach handles it fine. That is usually what I carry when I run.

    In an effort to force myself to drink more water (yep, I'm one of those!!!) I add those crystal light (fruit punch) packets to it during the day. I try to drink at least 32 ounces at work....if not more.

    I'm one of those people that aren't thirsty often. I'd forget to drink fluids, AT ALL, during the whole day if I let myself. Crazy, eh?

    Now, my Keurig and I get along quite well!!! On the mornings I don't go to the gym before work, I have my one cup of coffee (with a little choc/caramel creamer - giggle) and I'm good to go for the day.

  3. I enjoy water...but I am horrible about not packing my water bottle in the morning. I always get water when we eat out. But like you, water doesn't keep me from getting humgry.

  4. I'm neutral towards water. Once I get into the habit, I have no problem drinking water but I'd almost always rather have something (like coffee!) instead.

  5. I HATE WATER. I mean, seriously, I'd rather drink castor oil. LOL BUT I know I do SO MUCH better when I drink it, so I just bite the bullet and do it even though I don't want to.

  6. Lori, I am just like you. I'm constantly drinking water - I get in over 120 oz daily. I can't understand when people say they have trouble getting their water in. I just chug it without even thinking about it!