Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yummy Food Finds

For every one new thing I've tried that I haven't liked, there are at least two or three things I've tried which are great!  I'll share a few with you.  Maybe you'll find something new you've not tried before.  Enjoy!

Bananas in oatmeal
Unlike the FAIL combo of nut butter in oatmeal, I do love to add banana to oatmeal.  I hesitated to try this combo because I didn't think I would like to have warm bananas.  I'm picky with my bananas and feel like they have one day of perfect edibility.  If they are past their prime, they seem like warm mooshy messes.  That's what I thought it would be like in a bowl of hot oatmeal, but I was wrong, it's sooooo tasty!  So far I only slice them and do not stir or mash them into the oatmeal, but I'm willing to give that a try sometime soon.

Bananas with peanut butter
I've heard about this combination many times and though it sounded good, I never tried it. Man was I wasting time. I like just a banana with peanut butter, or even better, an English muffin with peanut butter, topped with banana. Or a peanut butter and banana sandwich. It's all luscious goodness.  Provided the bananas are at their prime edibility stage.

Whole wheat pasta
Pasta is my favorite thing in the whole wide world.  I can eat pasta all by itself, with butter, with cheese (preferred), with sauce, with salt, with, with, with pretty much anything.  I have tried whole wheat pasta a few times in the past and was less than impressed.  Well, it's all about a frame of mind, I think.  When you're eating anything and everything, whole wheat pasta is kind of blah.  When you're eating healthy and counting points, whole wheat pasta is yahoo, more pasta for less points!  So yeah, I am eating and liking whole wheat pasta now.
Greek yogurt
I posted about this before.  I have tried a few brands and can most definitely recommend Chobani as my favorite!  I have not tried Fage which I see mentioned a lot, but I've tried other "fake Greeks".  Chobani is rich and creamy and I love that it's nonfat.  There are a few low fat options, but my stores don't seem to carry those.  I keep hoping Chobani picks me to review their yogurt--I could use a free case of it, ha ha.  Anyway, I buy Chobani at Costco which gives you the most value for your dollar, otherwise it's not the most economical yogurt.  But it's so chalked full of protein that I am a forever convert.  (Although I still occasionally eat Yoplait or Dannon regular non-Greek yogurt.)

Raw Almonds
Yep, plain, not roasted, not salted, just raw almonds.  I love these for an afternoon snack.  I always measure them out (12= 2pts), never sneaking extra because I know they can pack on the calories right quick.  I even like them chopped and added to oatmeal for extra crunch.  Yum!

Sandwich Thins
I love bread.  Bread is my drug!  I could eat only bread for every meal.  And this is why the sandwich thins are great.  They are enough bread to make a sandwich (see bananas and peanut butter), while not adding too many calories to each meal.  Beware, though, on WW they are only 1 point, but if you eat two, they are 3.5 points!  I have only tried Oroweat (Arnold for some of you) but I know there are other brands.  Oroweat has I think four varieties, whole wheat, multi-grain, honey wheat, and whole grain white.  I love them all!  They also work great for hamburgers or my preferred Gardenburgers.

Mini Baby Bel Cheese
These little wax encased jobbies are so tasty.  I love string cheese and always have, but the Baby Bels are different enough to make it seem like you're eating fancy cheese.  I love to slice them up and serve them with some Triscuit Thins.  I'm also planning to try a grilled cheese made with a sandwich thin and a Baby Bel.  But mostly I just eat them straight out of the fridge.  Small bites, mmmmm.

Wheat Berries
I have only made these once, but they are very yummy. They take awhile to prepare, about an hour, but once they are made you can store them for a couple days, if you can keep your hands out of them. I think they are great to just grab a handful or sprinkle on salad, kind of like sunflower seeds. They are nutty and chewy and just overall tasty. I'm itching to use them in a salad recipe I saw over the weekend.

Are any of these things on your meal plan?  What foods do you think are the yummiest?


  1. Sandwich thins are awesome!!! I found them some time this summer, and have been hooked. I love having a little bread, but not a ton. Hubby (on the other hand) is a "the more bread the better" I don't have to worry about him eating my thins. :-)

    We switched to whole wheat pasta a year or so ago. I think I prefer the other....but neither of us will buy anything but whole wheat now. I figure, if it's the only thing we have, it's the only thing we'll use. I'm pretty used to it now, and actually really enjoy it. :-)

  2. I like your food finds. I tagged you in my last post :)

  3. The only thing I've never tried on your list is the bananas in oatmeal. I've heard of others doing this but am just not ready yet - I'm like you: my bananas have to be eaten at just the right time or else, bleh! I don't like them.
    One of the staples I have to have is Vitatops. They really get me through some cravings, and I eat them toasted, split, with ff cool whip. Yum!