Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Stuff

It seems unfair that tomorrow is already Monday.  I am not ready to say good-bye to the weekend.  I'm just not.

For those that asked, the movie yesterday "Love and Other Drugs" was only so-so.  Had I not gone with my husband, I might have watched it in a different frame of mind, you know, drooling over Jake and such.  And I was wondering too much about whether he was hating it, or thinking it was too sappy, which kind of kept my mind halfway away from the movie itself.  So, it was okay, not the worst movie, not the best.  I'll see it again on DVD without my husband just to see it with a different perspective.

Yesterday I also watched the movie "Julie & Julia".  I hadn't heard much good about the movie so I waited until it was on Starz to watch it.  I shouldn't have waited; I really liked it!  I loved the concept of her blog and undertaking the year long project.  Of course it was totally awesome that it all led to a book deal and whatnot, but mainly it got me to thinking about whether I could plan a year long project for 2011 and blog about it. That's kind of what I've been doing with this blog in 2010, but I'm thinking of something unrelated to a running or weight loss goal.  Something fun and different.  I don't know what it would be, but I'm considering my options.

I got some major organizing done this weekend.  I cleaned and straightened out all my kitchen drawers and organized two cupboards.  I am an organizing junkie and I don't like when things are just thrown into cupboards and drawers all willy-nilly.  I also don't like having things around that I don't use.  So I sorted all the plastic containers and lids to make sure there was one lid per container, and I got rid of some utensils and other things that I never use.  Purging feels great to me!

I also went through all my scrapbooking paper and most of the embellishments.  I now have a stack of paper nearly a foot tall that I plan to give to a crafty mom or some other scrapbooker who will use it.  Papers I bought when I first started scrapbooking no longer fit my tastes so there's no point in keeping it all around.  I also sorted through some pictures and organized my scrap room/office.  It's all leading up to rediscovering the joy of scrapbooking.  I just have to know where to begin and that starts with knowing what supplies I have.  I am planning a project which involves transferring many, many photos from an old album of my dad's into a new scrapbook.  This needs to be done by Christmas when my grandma will be in town so she can help me with labels.  I will start this week!

Changing my exercise routine in November/December is not going to happen.  There's too many things going on to make big changes like that, I've decided.  And beating myself up for not making planned changes leads to no good.  For that reason, I am committed to running 4 times a week through December and not worrying about adding in strength training or anything else.  I'll run when I can, but I'm not planning to get up and do it before work.  I think spring would be an awesome time to switch to morning workouts, but fall/winter is not appealing.  And that is okay.

I put off my weekend run until 5:00 pm tonight!  And I can tell you that wasn't really smart, but at least I got it done.  I have rested my knee since Thursday's Turkey Trot and it felt pretty good today.  I ran slow, but I got 4 miles done.  So far so good on my new shoes.  My eating has been on track since Thursday.  I did eat a bunch of popcorn yesterday, but I didn't eat a lot of other things due to my headache.  Today I stayed within my points range and ran for 6 extra points!  So I'm feeling like I'll see a loss on the scale this week and I can't wait.

Finally, one final point for this Sunday.  I'm super excited about the new Weight Watchers plan to be unveiled tomorrow!  I really hope I can read about it while enjoying my morning coffee.  Every change that has come about from WW over the years has been wonderful and I've no doubt these changes will be good.  The teaser email mentioned changing the way we think about fruits and veggies.  Do you think that means fruit will count less, or veggies will count more?  I can't imagine that it would be the latter.  And not counting fruit would be a huge deal since I'm already a little loose with the counting of fruit anyway.  After all, as I heard a WW leader say one time, "The fruit isn't the problem, it's the fruit pie."  I count the points on fruit, but I usually don't measure it, I just guesstimate, and I've never counted an apple for more than one point regardless of its size.  Anyway, I'm anxious to see the changes and will be really interested in reading what other bloggers think about it as the week goes by.

Enough rambling for this Sunday.  I'm ready for bed.  Good night!


  1. Hope you slept well last night. I'm finding out all kinds of new things about you (Scrapbooking - did not know!) and I really like Julie and Julia, too. Merryl Streep played SUCH a good Julia Child. I thought about that movie when starting my own blog, wondering if I could commit to something like that for a year. I don't have the energy yet, but 2011 is right around the corner, so maybe I'll come up with something!

  2. I loved Julie & Julia. I can't wait to hear what your next project is about. I had no idea WW was changing the plan. You'll have to let us know what happens with it. I've never participated, but have been thinking about giving it a try.
    It is almost 5pm here and I can't let the evening pass before i get my own run in. I hate late runs. ;)

  3. I loved Julie and Julia, too- Great movie! Interested in hearing what you think of the new WW plan!

  4. I put off seeing Julie and Julia because of the negative things I heard. Seems that bloggers really like it though, based on your commenters. I'll give it a chance.

  5. Julie and Julia was a great movie!!!! I agree!!!

    I'm an organizing fool as well. I've started going through the closets one by one again. I've saved the worst for last though....I'm dreading it!! :-)

    My aunt and I were talking about the WW teaser emails that have been coming out. I haven't gone a meeting in a million years. Maybe after the holidays are over?