Monday, November 1, 2010

Some More November Items

I was again successful in getting up to run before work.  Never mind that I was up actually at 3:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. I'm sure that's irrelevant, until about 30 minutes from now when I'm ready to crash that is.  I have no idea what woke me up, but I couldn't go right back to sleep.  I knew if I finally fell back to sleep only to be awakened by my alarm at 5:00, I'd feel awful and not want to get up.   I played a little on my sucky home computer before heading to the treadmill.  There's something completely wrong with getting on that thing before 4:00 a.m. so I stalled a bit!  I actually ended up having a great run when I got around to it.  I completed my 5K and almost kept going and thought, what am I, crazy?! And promptly ended my workout. 

I also had a great run on Saturday.  With these two runs, I went back to the purple shoes and orthotics--I'd given them a rest last week.  My leg and knee felt pretty good on these two runs so I think I'm used to the orthotics now which makes me super happy!  Saturday's run was even outside and I felt great.  Luckily it was a lot warmer and drier than Friday's run so I was able to focus more on how I felt in my shoes.  Maybe I've turned a corner, I don't know.

One thing I notice about working out in the morning is that I am sooooo much hungrier by lunch time.  Not only am I eating breakfast hours earlier than I had been, but I'm burning way more calories before I used to even get out of bed!  I have planned for this by making sure I have enough snacks and lunch with me at work, but lunchtime is getting earlier and earlier.  Today I barely made it until 11:00!  Thank goodness for Greek yogurt!

Anyway, I have a few more things I'd like to add about November which are plans or goals, however you want to look at them.

The first is to become really strict about following Weight Watchers.  This is a hard time of year for even the most disciplined so for someone like me it could make or break me.  I don't just want to survive this holiday season but I want to thrive.  I want a loss for the month of November in a big way!  I need a jump start on these last 25 lbs because I've got two months until my goal date of 12/31/2010!  If I focus really well on eating within my points and keep up the workout schedule I have planned, I should be able to rack up a nice loss for the month, or at least a nice effort.  I am so ready to be at my goal weight and begin maintenance!  I need to remember that anytime I reach for something counteractive to my efforts! 

Unfortunately, we'll have to be starting this phase on November 2  since we went out to Mexican tonight and I had two cheese enchiladas, beans, rice and a basket of chips practically all to myself!  It was not pretty.  I'm not going to feel guilty, though, because I hardly ever eat out and I usually play it pretty safe.  But tonight I wanted FOOD! I should have stuck with one enchilada, but I wanted two and they were very, very tasty!  Now I feel like I haven't lost any weight at all.  My gut is so stuffed and my pants feel tight.  From one meal!  Oh well, tomorrow is a new day, a new workout, a new Weight Watchers week!  I'm pretty sure I'll see a gain in the morning, though, from all the salt from the past few days and probably actual weight gain.
My second November goal is to start and stick with a skin care regimen.  Nothing vigorous, just a simple application of lotion, at least once a day.  You see, I have icky skin.  I have what's called keratosis pilaris which is just a fancy name for chicken skin.  Really, it is.  Actually, the medical definition is this:  keratosis pilaris is a common skin condition in which a protein in the skin called keratin forms hard plugs within hair follicles.  Doesn't that sound gross?  Well, it is (and I'm not trying to insult anyone else who has it, only me).  I have it on my arms and the backs of my legs the worst and then a few other places not as much.  I share this information because I now know it is a common skin issue, but many people have no idea that's what they have.  I didn't.  I went to the dermatologist almost two years ago to have her look at a mole and just happened to ask about the nasty skin on my arms.  I was embarrassed by it and thought she'd tell me I needed to wash more, scrub more, something MORE.  But she assured me that it's common, incurable but treatable, and gave me literature to that effect.  I've since consulted my favorite physician, Google, as well.  It is common and can improve with age--I'm still waiting for that because the opposite seems true for me.  She recommended the use of a lotion containing lactic acid which helps exfoliate the skin--a chemical peel of sorts.  But now that I know it's not a hygiene issue, I'm actually less bothered by it.   All this time has gone by and I've not been very diligent about keeping up with using the lotion, unfortunately.  Apparently, I cannot seem to find time to apply a layer of lotion on a daily basis!  It's not an arduous process or anything and the lotion is fine, but it makes you kind of sticky and then you have to wait to get dressed and it just increases my overall daily maintenance.  Blech!  But, November is the month to start applying it EVERYDAY, maybe even TWICE a day as recommended.  I know I'll see results because even when I use it occasionally I notice a difference.  It should be incentive enough to stick with it...

And finally, my last goal for November is to get our household stuff in order, at least my part of it.  My husband has been off work for over a year now and does great with keeping up on most things like the regular straightening, cleaning, shopping, homework, etc., but I haven't been very good at doing my part to stay organized.  I tend to rely on him for a lot of stuff and then feel lost when I don't know what's going on.  My son is in third grade and has daily tasks to do, plus homework, and I'll be darned if we aren't always getting things done at the last minute!  My husband and I are both procrastinators to the nth degree!  We're training my son to be the same--eek!  I feel disorganized most of the time without a clue of what's going on and I believe my son milks this all he can.  Not in a bad way, just in a kid way.  If we wait long enough then the home chores get left by the wayside.  What I'd like to do is make a chart or something showing everyone's regular tasks/chores for the week and then we'll all have to be diligent about getting everything done.  I do not like feeling lost at the home front, but it's my own fault.  I need to step up and get more involved so I know what's going on.  I'm falling into that role of a working parent who knows nothing about anything at home while the stay at home parent manages it all.  Not fair to my husband and not good for me.  And not good for my son. This change isn't going to happen overnight, but I'm thinking a family meeting is in order.

What about you, how do you keep the home, kids, chores, everything organized?


  1. I make lists!!! I get really cute seasonal notebooks to keep me focused. Example, I have a fall one right now. Then I use that to list my chores down for each day and I really try hard to get that chore done. Otherwise things pile up. I already have my Christmas one and I'm making my plans. It works!!!

    Keep focused!

  2. Sounds like you have some great goals for the month. I have really wanted to start a skin regimen. I usually just wash my face with water, but I know that I need to start using a cleanser and moisturizer. I just hate to spend the money on them, if I won't use it everyday.

  3. Way to get up and run! Good luck with your November goals!

    I'm a list maker!

  4. These are some fantastic goals. I stay organized with a little black Moleskine notebook - I bring it everywhere and use it to write down lists, appointments & little notes & goals. It's something I've done since I was a teenager and I can't shake it no matter how much I tell myself it's time to go Digital!

  5. I think those goals sound great!!!!

    (I'm a skin care regimen "needer," have fallen off of the Weight Watchers plan, and am currently in the middle of a stalemate on the house cleaning with hubby.)


    I'll live vicariously through your goals!!! :-)