Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The One and Only Drawback of Being Thinner

I'm freezing!

We are experiencing cold weather right now. Our fall has been unusually cold on the whole, but this week includes snow and now frigid temperatures.  Right now it's 0 degrees with a low of -15 expected overnight! Tomorrow will be bitterly cold too!

And I am freezing! My feet are cold, my arms are cold, everything is cold. I have lost my insulation and that is awesome, but I'm also freezing all the time. Prior to these low temps I was cold, but now I'm just freezing!  I wear long sleeves and flannel to bed, and I actually wrap up in a blanket before getting under the covers.  It's crazy!  Brrrr!!

Of course, I'll take freezing over obesity anyday. :-)


  1. Oh man, I still have a lot of weight to lose, but after losing 70 lbs I have noticed that I am COLD ALL OF THE TIME, too!! It's crazy! -15 is no fun- not looking forward to the winter weather, but it sounds like it's going to start here today!

  2. You know, I am starting to relate. I'm sure you've heard even Seattle is freezing (actually, below!) I've been wearing a vest under my winter coat while my kids sled. That never used to happen - because I was always hot, even in winter, and it used to be hard enough to zip up my coat as it was.

  3. I love this weather....but haven't been so fond of the wind these last couple of days. I know what you mean about losing the insulation...I never realized what an affect it would have! :-)