Monday, November 22, 2010

I Can't Let the Darkness Derail Me!

So the time change...yeah, not a fan.  I am lucky in that I do not have to be to work at the crack of dawn so when I drive to work it is light out.  But when I leave work it is not.  I drive 30-40 minutes home in the darkness and when I get there it feels like bedtime.  It's not, of course.  There is dinner to make, dishes to wash, family to spend time with, a workout, shower, TV/computer time, and then bedtime.  Unfortunately, it has become very difficult to force myself to get in my runs.  And those Jillian DVDs I'd planned?  Nonexistent.  Argh!!

Winters are hard for me, always have been.  I am so much more unmotivated and prone to napping.  You could say I usually hibernate in the winter.  But that's the old me.  The new me has workouts on the schedule, dammit!

I thought changing my workouts to the morning would help.  Get up, get it done.  But apparently I can't make the change from sleeping until 7:00 or 8:00 to getting up at 5:00 and immediately donning my workout clothes let alone actually working out at that hour.  Perhaps I should start slower, like actually getting up at the same time everyday and getting out the door to work.  That would be a major accomplishment in itself.  Or maybe 6:00 would be a better time to aim for.  I don't know what's going to work, but clearly what I have tried isn't so far.

This is a struggle for me.  I spend so much time beating myself up over not getting up and getting it done when I had planned to that my day usually starts out for sh!t.  I tell myself I'll never regret getting up and doing it, yet that statement holds no water in the wee hours of the morning darkness. 

I will find my groove, I hope.  One day at a time.  Today I am working at home which gives me ample opportunity to get in a run.  This week requires extra exercise, doesn't it?  I don't *plan* to go overboard on Thanksgiving, but I do plan to enjoy myself without tracking.  Unfortunately I also enjoyed myself without tracking over the weekend.  Not that I went overboard too much; the worst thing I had was full butter microwave popcorn.  Sometimes we just need a weekend off.  But it's right back on the bandwagon today.  Counting and running.  This is my life.


  1. I could have read that post and sworn I wrote it! I have the exact same issue when it gets dark. No flys south with the geese as far as I'm concerned. :-( :-)

  2. Winters are the HARDEST for me too. I make it to the gym with ease, but the lack of sunshine makes me want to find something warm and soothing, and it's never just a glass of coffee or tea. I hope you find a solution to your workouts. I know I'm at my best when I have had a day that includes a run. Run hard and strong and continue to inspire us. Thanks

  3. You will figure it out, Lori. This is a hard time for me as well. I am ready for bed by 5:30! I've tried morning workouts and evening workouts; neither one end up giving me more benefit than the other - it really just depends on the day and what I have going on. I agree with you - start out slowly. You'll eventually find your groove (and by then, it will be time to run outside again, probably! LOL)

  4. You will find your groove. Don't worry. :)

    I have the same problem this time of year. I'm in my pajamas by 6pm some days. Luckily, I work shift work. On those weeks where I work 2nd shift, I have no excuse for not getting out there and running in the sunshine.

    It is a struggle though. I'm with you on that. Hang in there! We'll muddle through this winter funk together.

  5. I hate the darkness's killing my C25k mojo! But we'll get it figured out..and if worse comes to worse we're off on the weekends!

  6. I'm having a hard time getting my workout schedule figured out again because of the time change and how dark it is by the time I get off of work! ugh! I used to get up early in the mornings, but that just isn't working for I understand you on this one!

  7. The winter sucks. I hate that it gets dark at 4 PM. But, I work through it, work out through it. I don't always want to, but what's the alternative?