Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another Thursday Run

Unlike last Thursday's run, this Thursday's run sucked! 

I decided to omit the music and watch a movie instead.  My treadmill has a built in television which I never use.  I thought focusing on something other than the red wall in front of me might take my mind off the run and make the time go faster.

It did not.

It might have been my choice of movie: Serendipity. 

It might have been the time of my run: 8:00 PM

Regardless, it was a not a good run.  I planned 5 miles but barely made it 4. 

Some runs are just like that.


  1. Bummer!!!

    My treadmill at home has been good to me for quite a number of years....but is now showing signs of it's age. I can walk, but the motor just can't handle running any longer. It's too bad...I've got a full entertainment center hooked up right in front of it! Would be great to use this winter!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Some days you're spot on, and other days it's like there's someone else working out in your skin. I have an itouch that I plug into my treadmill and watch Netflix through it when I'm doing intervals. Some days it goes really well and other days, I just want to scream and get off as soon as possible.