Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Three Quarters Done!

First of all, I appreciate all the comments regarding the pictures I posted on Sunday.  You have all made me feel so good!  It's so nice to hear that I've done well and look good.  When you see yourself day after day, you sometimes forget the drastic change that's occurred until you see the pictures.  I think it's true for the people who see you regularly too, they stop noticing after awhile.  Compliments are so helpful and meaningful on a journey like this!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I'm excited to report that my weigh in this morning brings me to the 75 pound mark!  75.8 to be exact.  I am thrilled beyond belief.  I cannot express how great I feel.  Sometimes I am amazed by how far I have come.  This morning when I was doing the Shred workout, I was marvelling at how much stronger I am and how I actually enjoy the pain now!  It's awesome!  I feel awesome!  I am celebrating this accomplishment today for sure.  I am now three quarters of the way to my goal of losing 100 pounds!

As I just mentioned I got up to workout this morning!  Two days in a row!  It's a record for me so I'm rejoicing.  I'm really glad I am still doing Syl's challenge because it helped motivate me to Shred today instead of something easy like walk on the treadmill.  I woke up to my alarm, but didn't push the snooze button.  I got up and got to it.  It's true that you'll never regret getting up, but you'll easily regret not getting up.  There is nothing better than starting the day off with positive energy!

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