Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tale from the Scale

I know, that post title is so unoriginal, but it applies. 

Here are the weights I have recorded since 10/10/10.

10/10 Sun: 164.0
10/11 Mon: 165.0 (+1)
10/12 Tues: 164.0 (-1)
10/13 Wed: 161.8 (-2.2)
10/14 Thurs: 162.6 (+.8)
10/15 Fri: 163.4 (+.8)
10/16 Sat: didn't weigh
10/17 Sun: didn't weigh
10/18 Mon: 166.0 (+2.6)
10/19 Tues: 165.0 (-1)
10/20 Wed 163.8 (-1.2)

Offically I have a 1 pound gain for the week since Tuesday is my weigh in day.  I know how it happens, but I also know that I have been eating okay and exercising as usual--well I missed a run.  But look at what I weighed last Wednesday, the day after my official weigh in!  Ugh!

I don't let these numbers get me down too much because I use it as a tool to know how my weight fluctuates daily.  This way I know that later, when I'm trying to maintain, I know that my weight will not just stay the same day after day no matter what I do.  Fluctuations are normal.  Even so I think it's time to stay off the scale except on Tuesdays for awhile. 

Rather than take on big, month-long challenges, or even my own personal 4 week challenges, I think biting off a week at a time is the best idea.  So I weighed today and I will *try* and not weigh again until my next official weigh in on Tuesday, October 26, 2010.  These people that can go a whole month without weighing, I admire them, but I cannot do it.  One week?  Possibly.

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  1. I weigh myself every Friday morning. That's it. I used to NEVER weigh myself. So once a week is big for me.