Monday, October 4, 2010

New Shoes

Before my run on Friday morning I took a picture of my running shoes. I wanted to use the photo on my blog somewhere, kind of like 5K Rae does.  So I took this picture.

Later that day, my husband and I went to the mall and I wanted to browse the workout clothes at Lady Foot Locker.  I didn't find any clothes, but I found these:

Leave it to Nike to come out with the perfect PURPLE shoes right after I bought boring gray ones.  Luckily, I'm within the 30 day return window!  Yahoo!  I love purple, can you tell? I think I will devote an entire post to purple one of these days.

That reminds me, I hope you read this blog on the blog site once in awhile.  So much is lost when you only read posts using Reader, or some other feed service.  I love pretty blogs, visually stimulating blogs, and cute blogs.  I hope mine fits into one of those categories.


  1. I. love. those. shoes.

    Reminds me of my purple Vans in middle school. Loved them.