Friday, October 1, 2010

A Breakfast Pictorial

As promised, I will now show you my favorite breakfast.  This is what I have been eating nearly everyday since January.  I still love it and look forward to it.  Yummy stuff!

We begin with our cast of characters.

The English muffin must go in the toaster for warming and slight toasting.  Not major toasting, I don't want any mouth scrapage, this is supposed to be enjoyable!

Meanwhile, we measure our peanut butter.

We do not heap the peanut butter in the tablespoon.

When our English muffin is ready, we slather it with the peanut butter.  A tablespoon really is enough.

Now scary neck vein lady sinks her teeth into the scrumptiousness that is this breakfast.  Bite after bite, until...

All gone.

Now we sit down with this and enjoy the afterglow of a 5.35 mile run and day 1 of The Shred.

Happy Friday (and please ignore the eyebrows).


  1. Loved your captions. :) Do you know how many calories are in that muffin and pb?

    Fabulous workout!

  2. Thanks, Rae. It's 235 calories or for me, 4 points!

  3. That is my favorite breakfast too! I love peanut butter on a nice warm slice of wheat bread or english muffin, or just about anything. :)

  4. Cool tip, Lori. I like when folks share their staples. Have a great week!