Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bread is My Drug

The scale said 168 this morning!  Yes, that is a gain!  A gain!  I hate gaining, but I have only myself to blame.  Last week was horrible in terms of my eating plan and I believe I ended the week over my points allowance by at least 50.  That includes having used all the activity points and weekly points.  I didn't even track last night's dinner because I have no idea how many points worth of soup and bread (glorious garlic bread with lots of melty butter) I consumed.  It was a lot, enough to make me feel a bit sick to my stomach. But it was sooo good and somehow I justified eating it by saying I'd be starting a new week today and all would be history.

So today I begin anew.  Diligently tracking and counting.  No chips this week, no garlic bread.  No going over my points!

I consider it an accomplishment that I even got on the scale this morning knowing I would be facing a gain.  My normal M.O. would have been to skip the weigh in altogether and just say I'd wait until next week, which could easily turn into the next week and the next and before I knew it I'd be back at square one.  So I took my lumps and got on the scale.  And now that's over with and I can move on.

I completed my 5K run last night with an average pace of 11:03/mile.  I felt pretty good during the run so when I saw the average pace, I got a little bit excited.  One of these days I'll get my speed under 11:00 then move closer and closer to my ultimate speed goal of under 10:00 per mile.  It's a process. 

After my run I completed day 4 of the Shred.  I feel stronger than when I started and it's only been 4 days!  Awesome!  I cannot wait to see how I feel after 10 days, 20, 30! And today is the first day since beginning the workouts that I can actually walk normally, both going up and down stairs.  We are headed in the right direction.

I don't want to get down on myself for topping off a great run and workout with a bread overdose (for the second time in a week!), but looking back on it, I really wish I wouldn't have done it.  But it did taste really, really good, so there is that!


  1. I like your resolve to bounce back. I'm hoping it's contagous, because I had too much bread today, too!