Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bondi Bands: Now I See What They've Been Talking About

Hello, Bondi Band, where have you been all my running life? 

I am in love! 

I have seen many a blog post that mentions the Bondi Band and I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about.  Now I see.  These things are awesome!  It was very hard to choose ONE out of all the beautiful colors and prints, not to mention all the sayings!  But since I had no idea if I would like them, I limited my choice to one band.  Of course I had to go with purple! 

I usually cannot wear headbands because I have an unusually small head that's fairly flat on the back.  Head bands just don't stay on my head unless I pin them there and that's annoying.  So I am delighted to report that the Bondi Band seems to stay on my head, with or without a ponytail, and no pins!  I will take the Bondi Band on it's first official test run tomorrow morning, but in the meantime here I am rocking the band while cooking dinner last night.  (It says i RUN in silver lettering.)

I think half the fun of running is all the cute and fun gear you can buy nowadays.  If this thing wicks the sweat on tomorrow's run as well as I think it will, I can see myself with a whole collection of Bondi Bands.

P.S. Bondi Band did not sponsor this post, although they can sponsor another one if they like. ;)


  1. CUTE. Where do you buy Bondi Bands?

  2. I love my bondi band too. I wear it in the mornings when it's cold over my ears and works great. I want more, just haven't bought any yet. It's so hard to choose from all of them.

  3. LOL! They can sponsor one of my posts too! I have never done the bondi thing either, in fear it wouldn't fit my ridiculously small head. So that is good hear that it fits well.

  4. I have yet to try one of those - they seem VERY popular. Love that colour on you!

  5. Mine says "Will Run for Margaritas"....LOVE them!!! Someone mentioned one on a blog, and I figured I'd try one...why not! I'm so glad I did!!!! I'm a true believer.

    Getting ready to place an order for them, with a custom logo, as xmas gifts for the family...we all love them now!!!!!