Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Eve of Another New Month

Note: this post has been updated from its original published version.  I think I must have been half-asleep when I posted it!

I started October with big plans that sadly didn't all come to fruition.  I managed Syl's challenge, but I didn't manage my dairy boycott, not even for one day.  I completed my 10K event, but I haven't been able to successfully manage my weekly long runs and complete that distance again.  I don't feel like I failed at anything, though, well except maybe with the dairy thing.  Goals push us to do more, do better, etc.  I will keep setting goals.

Tomorrow begins another new month and I'm hoping to accomplish a few things in November. I decided to plan all my workouts for the month on the calendar.  I did so well getting up before work to workout last week, I should be able to manage that for November, right?  Again, I only work 4 days a week so it shouldn't be that difficult.  I just have to make some sacrifices.  If I go to bed by 9:00 or 9:30, there just is no way that I can keep up with all my TV shows, LOL!  Tonight I performed a major purge of the DVR recordings and no longer feel like I have a massively long to-do list of TV watching.  I find that the older I get (and I'm only 36), TV definitely plays a much smaller role in my life.  I mean, I like it, but rarely do I get hooked on a show.  Or if I do, it's prematurely cancelled which drives me crazy.  It's so much easier to read books anyway.

The workout schedule is easy:
Sunday: rest
Monday: run at least 5K
Tuesday: Jillian DVD, Shred or No More Trouble Zones
Wednesday: speed workout, 30 minutes
Thursday: Jillian DVD Shred or No More Trouble Zones
Friday: Long run, 8K or 10K (scheduled)
Saturday: run a 5K

These workouts are fairly standard.   I also plan to add at least one yoga class, either during lunch or after work.  Maybe even on a weekend.  I have never taken yoga, although I am the proud owner of a brand new purple yoga mat!  Yoga has been recommended to me by several people including my therapist (yes I have one) and my best friend so I have decided I will give it a try.  I'm nervous because class environment usually intimidates me, but I might find a new activity I enjoy, or even meet new people.  Regardless, conquering my fear will be a good thing.

I have a scheduled "race" in November, but I'm not sure if I'll do it or not. It's kind of a costume/dress up type event and I'm not sure that I'm into that. It's a 5K so even if I don't participate in the actual event, I will run a 5K that day, November 20.

Today is Halloween.  I'd like to say I avoided all temptations, but I did not.  I ate chips and cheese today, along with a bunch of pretzels and popcorn which put me well over my points for the day.  I was also over my points on Friday and Saturday, so much so that I didn't even track.  Again, it was chips and popcorn.  I was marvelling at how well I'd done all week with going to bed early which cut out any snack cravings, but then it all seemed to go to hell this weekend.  It could have been worse, I do have two buckets remaining of Halloween candy.  And that's just what's left, we had so much candy that I could have eaten several candy bars without anyone noticing.  But those days are over I have successfully avoided all Halloween candy this year!

Speaking of Halloween, it was a pretty sad year for trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood.  Last year we had 22 groups totalling about 52 kids; this year only 12 groups and 22 kids.  I always stay home on Halloween to pass out the candy, but this year I'm sad to have missed the festivities with my own kid.  My husband and my son met up with some friends and went trick or treating in another neighborhood whose residents go all out with the decorations and spookiness.  I stay home with the candy because I think kids need someone people to be home in their own neighborhood.  After all, not every kid has parents who will take them elsewhere for trick-or-treating.  At least that's what I thought.  Now I am thinking either our neighborhood is filled with just such parents or kids are just not trick-or-treating as much.  I've been sitting here all evening, alone, feeling kind of sad.  I should have gone with my boys.  I'll definitely be going next year.
I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween.


  1. It sounds like you have a great plan in place for November, Lori. I'm looking forward to following your training! Halloween was crazy in my neighborhood. Last year we were lucky to have 40 children. This year, we had gone through 100 candies by 6:30pm. I had to send my husband out to get more! All in all, over 150 kids. Wow!

  2. I think your November training schedule looks great! I have made a November workout calendar that I can hopefully stick with this month.
    We had 0 trick-or-treaters this year :(

  3. I think your November goals sound very do-able. Good luck with them! We never get trick-or-treaters. :(