Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Weigh In/Check In

Remember Friday, when I posted about how I'd lost 71 pounds and how it was gone forever?  Well, one of those pounds found me again and I have only lost 70 as of today.  Ugh!  I just hate that.  I'm sure it's for no other reason that I had too much salt or didn't pee enough or whatever, but it's still annoying. Oh well, it is what it is.

Several years ago when I was following LA Weight Loss (scam, by the way), I never gained.  Seriously.  I weighed myself almost every day and I never gained.  I always lost, even if it was only .2.  That was a nice feeling.  But that was while I was on the program.  When I quit the program I gained, gained plenty.  Or maybe it wasn't gaining, maybe it was just finding the weight again.  Although I also found some of its friends, too.

Yesterday I went out for my Monday run, a planned 5K as usual.  The past few days have been quite summery here in our fine city and once I got out there I could tell it was going to be too hot.  And I think those thoughts sort of derailed me into thinking I shouldn't go as far as I planned in case I needed water.  So I headed back home after about a mile and a half.  BUT instead of quitting completely, I paused my workout (Nike+), got a quick drink of water and then headed to the treadmill.  I resumed the workout and completed a total of 5.23 miles!  On a Monday!  I felt awesome and I needed it!  I needed a great run to remind me that it's possible.

My 10K "race" is 12 days away.  I admit that I'm feeling nervous.  When I go out from my house to run 10K or 5K or whatever, I always have the option to say "oh, never mind."  But when you're out there on race day, there's no changing your mind.  That is a good thing about events, but also makes it a bit nervewracking!!  I had a friend who signed up to run with me, but she got a better offer for a weekend away with her husband and now won't be doing the run with me.  That is fine; we didn't plan to stay together anyway.  But now I'm kinda like, well, maybe I don't have to do it either.  But I've already paid, and I already missed one event that I paid for, so it seems like a waste of money.  I just need to start psyching myself up for the "fun" to come.  Fun! Fun! Fun!

I have been reading a few great blogs recently and I am planning to add a blogroll when I get the chance.  I have found some of the best blogs by clicking links on other bloggers' blogrolls.  For now, though, my blogging time has run out and I have just a few minutes to eat my lunch!  I cannot miss lunch, of course.  Today is leftover lasagna, Chobani blueberry yogurt, and an apple.  Yummy!

Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!

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