Thursday, September 16, 2010

5 Reasons I Love Weight Watchers Online

I have lost weight before.  I have tried other plans like LA Weight Loss and Slim Fast, but I firmly believe Weight Watchers is where it's at.  This plan WORKS if YOU work it.  Here's the top five reasons why I love it.

1. The plan is flexible!
Flexibility is by far the best part about Weight Watchers.  You can lose weight and eat anything you want, as long as you count it, and as long as you don't eat too much of it. While I don't think it's exactly healthy to use your points for candy and sweets each day, you could if you wanted to and it satisfied you. I personally choose to eat mostly whole foods, but occasionally I want a treat! And WW lets me have anything I want. Last night I had ICE CREAM!

2.  Weight Watchers Online means No Meetings!
I have "been there, done that" with WW meetings.  And while I would like the additional rings and charms for my key chain, I'm glad I don't have to fit a WW meeting into my schedule each week. 

3. The iPhone WW app is great!
I used to love writing down all my foods and points each day, but keeping track of the weekly points always proved to be a little bit of a pain.  I also never logged my activity points because I didn't want to calculate them.  Now with the iPhone app, logging everything is so easy and makes life much simpler.  I always have my phone near me; I could never say the same for my points notebook!  I also love that you can track your weight each week using the app and see your weight history so easily.

4. The Recipe Builder is slick!
I don't actually use this thing to edit my regular recipes into healthier, lower point recipes because after knowing how to calculate points and eat healthy for years, I pretty much know what is healthy and what isn't.  If a recipe calls for "heavy cream" changing it to "skim milk" is going to change the entire recipe and I just won't do it.  I do use the RB for my regular recipes, though,  to calculate the points based on servings.  I used to just add up all the points in the ingredients by hand and divide by the number of servings, but not only is that time consuming, it's not exactly accurate.  Using the RB is way smarter and faster!  I just log the ingredients, plug in the servings and voila!  Eventually I might update them with the directions and everything so I can print each one for my recipe book, but for now, it's just a point calculator.

5. The WW website has great info!
Of course anyone who has e-tools also has access to the website, it's not only for WW online.  But as an online only member, this is our meeting place!  From discussion boards to member blogs, it is an awesome place to get tips and inspiration!   I love reading about other people's success.  WW usually picks a wide variety of people to spotlight.  From male to female, young to old, you can usually find someone you can identify with.  Also, the articles published by WW are usually helpful and sometimes just what you need after a long, hard weekend.

So there you have it, my top 5 reasons, although there are lots of reasons to love Weight Watchers!!

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  1. I couldn't agree more about Weight Watchers. I was a member a couple of years ago and lost close to 50 pounds. I was an idiot for quitting. Now I'm trying to lose those 50 pounds all over again. Ugh. Good luck with your goals and thank you for entering my contest! :)