Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tomorrow is the Beginning of October, October 1, the First of October

I wonder if other people look at the first day of a new month as a chance for a new beginning, a great time to start a new habit or stop a bad habit. 

Tomorrow begins Syl's October challenge of doing the 30 Day Shred everyday.  I'm really looking forward to it because while I've tried to get hooked on other forms of exercising besides running before, I haven't had any reason to stick with them (well except for the health reasons, of course, but who really looks at those anyway).  This challenge brings a great reason to start something new and stick with it for at least 30 days.

As part of the October challenge, and just to keep things interesting, I've decided to try cutting way down on dairy too. I realize one thing ( the Shred) has nothing to do with the other (dairy), it's just that the dairy thing is something I've been thinking about doing for awhile but just never got around to it.  Now, since I'm already starting another challenge in October, it seems like as good a time as any. 

This decision comes from having talked to several people who have had great results from cutting dairy from their diets.  Some think it helps their weight loss, many say their skin improves, and most say they have more energy and are less lethargic.  All those benefits sound great to me so I'm intrigued enough to try it myself.  I don't think I am hard core enough to eliminate dairy completely because I still believe in cooking meals for my family that they will eat AND enjoy.  I make fairly healthy things, but some beloved recipes just require cheese or milk.  But for my personal meal planning, like when it's just my breakfast or lunch, it should be easy enough to cut down on my daily cheese, yogurt and milk consumption.

It's not like I eat tons and tons of dairy, but I do eat at least one container of yogurt a day, sometimes two.  It's very common for me to eat a piece of string cheese while making dinner, and of course there's my daily latte habit.  One concern is that dairy is a large source of protein for me, so I'll be needing to find enjoyable alternatives.   Luckily, I like beans, nuts and whole grains.

Right now I feel kind of like I cannot live without yogurt, but who knows.  If my body performs better and I feel better without it, I just might decide I like life without it.  Pizza is a different story.  I'm not sure I could say no to pizza forever.  But for a month, I think I can do it.  I guess we'll see.

I Think I Can Call Myself a Real Runner Now

I ate/inhaled a bug while running last night. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Okay, Jillian, Shred Me


I thought I would take the opportunity today to let you know how I'm doing on my personal 4 week challenge which started just over 2 weeks ago. 

1. Stick to plan EVERYDAY
Check! I have been sticking to plan. 
2. Run 3-4 times a week
Check! I have been running 4x a week.
3. Strength train 2-3 times a week with weights, Pilates, or similar
Um, next item, please.
4. Go to bed no later than 11:00 during the week
5. Get to Leave for work by 7:30 everyday

Okay, so only the first two items are a true success and I have actually been doing those things all along.  It was really items 3-5 that I planned to work on but haven't succeeded in completing with any regularity.  So what do I do now?  Quit?  Change the rules?  Join another challenge?

Join another challenge?

Yes, thank you, Syl, I will join your October challenge.  I. Will. Shred. 30. Days. In. A. Row.

(BTW, Syl has an awesome blog.  Check it out:  Live, Smile, Run.)

I'll be pressing on with my challenge.  Syl's challenge will take care of item 3, and I'll still be working on 4 & 5.

Another Award

Thanks to Alan over at The Pounds off Playoff I received the Blog With Substance Award again today.  Woohoo!!  Check out Alan's blog as he experiments with several eating plans.  I also have to thank him for actually mentioning my blog on his page; that's a huge compliment to me because I'm fairly new to the blogosphere.  Thanks, Alan.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Blog Award. Me.

Okay, I don't really know what I'm doing here, but I received my first blog award!  Thank you, Stephanie! Isn't this exciting?!  I wasn't exactly sure what I was supposed to do with this award, but I think I have it figured out.  First, here's the award.

Now what I have to do is sum up my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience in five words.  Um, yeah sure, that's easy, it's right here on the tip of my tongue.  I'm just keeping it a secret right now to increase the suspense.  Okay, I really have no idea.  How about this:

Losing pounds and gaining speed.

Lastly, I must nominate 10 other blogs for this award.  So here's the list:

Free to Be Me
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What I don't know is if there are rules about who you can nominate or if they have to accept, of if they have to have never been nominated, yadda yadda yadda.  But those are my nominees and I'm sticking with them. 

Now I must be off to tell them they have been nominated.  This feels slightly like a chain letter, but it's fun just the same!

Tuesday Weigh In/Check In

Remember Friday, when I posted about how I'd lost 71 pounds and how it was gone forever?  Well, one of those pounds found me again and I have only lost 70 as of today.  Ugh!  I just hate that.  I'm sure it's for no other reason that I had too much salt or didn't pee enough or whatever, but it's still annoying. Oh well, it is what it is.

Several years ago when I was following LA Weight Loss (scam, by the way), I never gained.  Seriously.  I weighed myself almost every day and I never gained.  I always lost, even if it was only .2.  That was a nice feeling.  But that was while I was on the program.  When I quit the program I gained, gained plenty.  Or maybe it wasn't gaining, maybe it was just finding the weight again.  Although I also found some of its friends, too.

Yesterday I went out for my Monday run, a planned 5K as usual.  The past few days have been quite summery here in our fine city and once I got out there I could tell it was going to be too hot.  And I think those thoughts sort of derailed me into thinking I shouldn't go as far as I planned in case I needed water.  So I headed back home after about a mile and a half.  BUT instead of quitting completely, I paused my workout (Nike+), got a quick drink of water and then headed to the treadmill.  I resumed the workout and completed a total of 5.23 miles!  On a Monday!  I felt awesome and I needed it!  I needed a great run to remind me that it's possible.

My 10K "race" is 12 days away.  I admit that I'm feeling nervous.  When I go out from my house to run 10K or 5K or whatever, I always have the option to say "oh, never mind."  But when you're out there on race day, there's no changing your mind.  That is a good thing about events, but also makes it a bit nervewracking!!  I had a friend who signed up to run with me, but she got a better offer for a weekend away with her husband and now won't be doing the run with me.  That is fine; we didn't plan to stay together anyway.  But now I'm kinda like, well, maybe I don't have to do it either.  But I've already paid, and I already missed one event that I paid for, so it seems like a waste of money.  I just need to start psyching myself up for the "fun" to come.  Fun! Fun! Fun!

I have been reading a few great blogs recently and I am planning to add a blogroll when I get the chance.  I have found some of the best blogs by clicking links on other bloggers' blogrolls.  For now, though, my blogging time has run out and I have just a few minutes to eat my lunch!  I cannot miss lunch, of course.  Today is leftover lasagna, Chobani blueberry yogurt, and an apple.  Yummy!

Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I have done it!

I have lost 70 pounds!  And added another pound, just for good measure.  71 pounds gone forever!!!

Contest Photo #2

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Check it out if you want

I added a weight loss page to my blog.

Wednesday, far from Wordless.

Good morning!

Last night I had a weak moment.  My husband brought out the chips and salsa around 10:30 and I proceeded to sample them which turned into me eating about 4 points worth of chips, glorious chips.  But I'm not going to feel guilty because I have the weekly points allowance for just such things.  I refuse to dwell on the fact that on my first day with a points allowance of 22, I consumed 35.  I'm sure it's fine.

But again, flexibility is one of the reasons why I love WW.  I can have anything I want, in moderation.  Moderation is key.  Moderation is the spice of life!

After a stressful Monday, yesterday was much better and I went out for a 4 mile run after work.  I felt pretty great when I was finished and really glad that I did it.  I still believe in the power of the run.  Today is a running day too, a speed day is what's scheduled.  I would like to do it right now, but I still have a few hours of work to get through.

I wanted to post a picture of my breakfast today because it was fabulous.  It is the same breakfast I have had almost every day since January 12 and is my most, most favorite.  Unfortunately, I had an appointment to get to this morning, and as usual I was running late, so I didn't have time to snap the photo.  But this breakfast is simply awesome.  I will post a photo sometime; for now I will just tell you it involves peanut butter, wonderfully delicious peanut butter.  Mmmmm..

So make it a great day.  What's your favorite healthy breakfast?

A Great Article for Beginning Runners

You could call me a "groupie" on both the Couch to 5K and Facebook pages.  The imformation I have found for running on both pages is awesome.  This morning there was a great article for new runners and I thought I would share the link here for anyone who needs a few tips to get started or stay motivated.  Enjoy!

First Steps for a Beginning Runner

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Note to Self

Step away from the chips!!!

Weekly Weigh In

My official weigh in day is Tuesday and this morning I weighed in at 167.6.  I am .8 lbs away from a loss of 70 lbs!!  That makes me feel good, but I have been hovering around this number for two weeks while the scale goes up and down.  I'm ready to break through.

I'm not sure this is a plateau exactly.  It feels more like I just haven't been as strict as I should be.  Today's weigh in brought with it a points recalculation which caused me to lose a daily point!  That means I am down to 22 daily points!  Aaack!  That sounds like so few when I'm already having a hard time staying below my limit.  But I can do it.  I CAN do it.

I've been under a bit of stress lately which is not helping my efforts here.  I missed my run last night.  I feel bad about it and I'm trying to talk myself into a run later today, but I honestly have no desire.  That is a weird and somewhat depressing feeling.  I'm telling myself to snap out of it and hopefully it will work soon. 

I did run for 30 minutes on the treadmill on Sunday and my leg is hurting.  I think I must have a strange gait on the treadmill which puts more stress on my right leg.  I need to work on changing this before treadmill season begins in full force.  Tomorrow is the first day of fall!!  The mornings are already cooooold and it's getting dark earlier and earlier. 

Which reminds me.  I heard Old Navy is having a buy one/get one free sale on workout gear.  I was in the store on Friday and the selection was very limited and I found NOTHING.  I should check out what's online because I do need a couple long sleeve shirts and long pants for colder running temperatures!  So I'm off. 

Thanks for reading!

Wishing away the blues today, and .8 lbs!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Comparison Part II

Here I am on 12/24/2009

Here I am finishing my first 5K - 5/30/2010
-47.6 lbs

Here I am finishing my second 5K- 8/21/2010
-67.6 lbs

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Progress Pic

I have not been very good about taking "progress pictures" of my weight loss.  For some reason I didn't feel like formally documenting it that way.  I searched the pictures tonight and found two which I think show a good change.  Keep in mind, the first one is me taking a picture of myself in the mirror, and the second one is my son taking a picture with my cell phone.  Needless to say the quality of both pictures is pretty bad. 

I have decided to start taking more pictures now, and I will start as soon as I reach -70 lbs.  Stay tuned...hopefully that will be THIS WEEK! 


08/28/2010 (down 66 pounds or so)

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Contest and a Run

I have entered Stephanie's contest so I'll be posting a picture of the the scale each Friday for the next six weeks.  Here's today's photo.

After I took that photo, I went out and completed this run!  It's looking to be a pretty good day! 

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

5 Reasons I Love Weight Watchers Online

I have lost weight before.  I have tried other plans like LA Weight Loss and Slim Fast, but I firmly believe Weight Watchers is where it's at.  This plan WORKS if YOU work it.  Here's the top five reasons why I love it.

1. The plan is flexible!
Flexibility is by far the best part about Weight Watchers.  You can lose weight and eat anything you want, as long as you count it, and as long as you don't eat too much of it. While I don't think it's exactly healthy to use your points for candy and sweets each day, you could if you wanted to and it satisfied you. I personally choose to eat mostly whole foods, but occasionally I want a treat! And WW lets me have anything I want. Last night I had ICE CREAM!

2.  Weight Watchers Online means No Meetings!
I have "been there, done that" with WW meetings.  And while I would like the additional rings and charms for my key chain, I'm glad I don't have to fit a WW meeting into my schedule each week. 

3. The iPhone WW app is great!
I used to love writing down all my foods and points each day, but keeping track of the weekly points always proved to be a little bit of a pain.  I also never logged my activity points because I didn't want to calculate them.  Now with the iPhone app, logging everything is so easy and makes life much simpler.  I always have my phone near me; I could never say the same for my points notebook!  I also love that you can track your weight each week using the app and see your weight history so easily.

4. The Recipe Builder is slick!
I don't actually use this thing to edit my regular recipes into healthier, lower point recipes because after knowing how to calculate points and eat healthy for years, I pretty much know what is healthy and what isn't.  If a recipe calls for "heavy cream" changing it to "skim milk" is going to change the entire recipe and I just won't do it.  I do use the RB for my regular recipes, though,  to calculate the points based on servings.  I used to just add up all the points in the ingredients by hand and divide by the number of servings, but not only is that time consuming, it's not exactly accurate.  Using the RB is way smarter and faster!  I just log the ingredients, plug in the servings and voila!  Eventually I might update them with the directions and everything so I can print each one for my recipe book, but for now, it's just a point calculator.

5. The WW website has great info!
Of course anyone who has e-tools also has access to the website, it's not only for WW online.  But as an online only member, this is our meeting place!  From discussion boards to member blogs, it is an awesome place to get tips and inspiration!   I love reading about other people's success.  WW usually picks a wide variety of people to spotlight.  From male to female, young to old, you can usually find someone you can identify with.  Also, the articles published by WW are usually helpful and sometimes just what you need after a long, hard weekend.

So there you have it, my top 5 reasons, although there are lots of reasons to love Weight Watchers!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Running Shoe Diaries, Part II

I am surprised at how quickly my first pair of expensive running shoes wore out.  It's not like I'm putting major mileage on them or anything, but I did weigh more when I first bought them, and I did wear them for a walking quite a few times which puts different wear on the heel support which is what wore out.  The collapsed sole was causing me to overpronate on my left leg.

I was with my dad when we noticed this and he convinced me I needed a stability shoe.  Since it was the week of my 5K run in Snoqualmie, I had to quickly find a new pair of shoes.  I bought a really cute pair of Asics, I mean cute!  I wore them twice before the actual event and they seemed okay, but definitely different than my "pillow shoes".  Despite an awesome finish time on the 5K (32:53, pace 10.36) I felt awful during that run.  It was really really hard.  My legs felt terrible and I had shin splints!  I ran in those shoes two more times before deciding they had to be returned.  Each run was progressively worse until the last time when I got about a quarter mile from my house and then hightailed it back to change shoes.

It was a Friday, the day of my long run so I was in a quandry over which shoes to wear.  I ended up switching to the "devil shoes" and went out to attempt my first 10K run.   And I did it!  I mean, I RAN an entire 10K!  I was amazed at how good I felt that day, and my legs were relieved.  It was a great feeling!!  It was also my last day of being 35 years old.  I couldn't have run that far when I was 30, not when I was 25 either.   I continued in those shoes for a few more runs and then the same ol' pain I had experienced in my right leg started coming back so I knew I had to buy a new pair of shoes.

I decided to buy another pair of the Nike Zoom Vomeros because they had worked before.  I had thought they were great at the time.  Except after a couple runs in a new pair, I realized my back was hurting more and more, and after a very scientific study (not really) I decided it was caused by the shoes.  So another shoe return.

By that time I was feeling very discouraged.  I wondered if perhaps it wasn't the shoes, perhaps I just don't even know how to run!

I visited both a running store and Foot Locker.  Sales associates at both recommended the Nike Lunarglide+ 2s.  I ended up ordering them from because they allow returns up to 30 days for any reason.  I wanted to be able to really run in the shoes before deciding whether to keep them.   So far I have run in them three times and I feel good.  No shin splints, no pain in my right leg, and no major back pain when I wake up in the morning.  I will withhold judgement for a couple weeks, but I feel like we have a winner here.  I am crossing my fingers.  My husband is too because he's sick of hearing me talk about shoes!

Even though I miss having purple on my shoes, I kind of like the neutrality of these shoes. 

I will save these shoes for running ONLY.  I can use the devil shoes for other activities, like weight training and cross training--which is on tap for TONIGHT!  Day 1 of the challenge continues...

4 Week Challenge

Hello everyone, today is the beginning of my personal 4 week challenge!!  The rules of the challenge are simple:

1. Stick to plan EVERYDAY
2. Run 3-4 times a week
3. Strength train 2-3 times a week with weights, Pilates, or similar
4. Go to bed no later than 11:00 during the week
5. Get to Leave for work by 7:30 everyday

I'm starting this challenge because I need a kick in the rear!  I have been following plan lately in a very loosey goosey way, and the past week has been...not good.  I haven't been weighing and measuring food or faithfully tracking points.  I have continued running, but I have felt pretty blah in terms of my eating habits.

It's just under 4 weeks until my October event.  When I started running in February, I signed up for the run thinking it would be a great way to finish out the season and would give me a goal to work towards--a formal timed running event.  This event was supposed to be my ONLY event this year.  Well, I have since completed two 5Ks, one 8K, and one 4 mile event!!!  But the October event will still be the crème de la crème event of my running season.  My goal is to have lost 75 lbs by this date--10/10/10.  I also have a goal of finishing in less than 70 minutes which is a pace of 11.29/mile.  I'd be stoked with anything under that, but I'll be okay with anything over that as long as I run the entire way.  I KNOW I can do it.

Finally, as part of my 4 week challenge, I plan to check in here a lot more to post my progress with weight loss, sticking to my points, and keeping up with weight training.  I need more accountability and this blog is going to help.  The focus of this place is going to be about losing pounds and gaining speed!!  Let's get started!